Weight Loss Supplements: Best Weight Loss Pills that Work

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What exactly are weight loss supplements?

Weight loss supplements are on the market to assist in the reduction of weight and fat, however, there are many different types on offer and it can become quite daunting as to what to choose.

You have to ask yourself many questions before committing to buying a certain product, for example “will it work?” and…

“is it safe for me to take this?”

There are a number of these weight loss products that are considered safe and are backed up by scientific evidence to aid in losing weight. Some examples of these supplements and their benefits are detailed below :-

  • Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) – a salt from the rind of dried fruit and is a common ingredient in diet tablets and reduces the absorption of fat;
  • Whey protein – a  protein powder commonly used in shakes that builds up muscle and suppresses and reduces your appetite;
  • Beta glucan – a fibre that is found in yeasts and mushrooms and is well known for assisting with weight loss and preventing many common health issues and problems.

Pills are generally the most common supplements for weight loss. There are again many different types of pills available. Some commonly used ones are garcinia cambogia, acai berry and Phentemine 375 (although the latter one is a prescribed pill).

These are not wonder drugs though, but will definitely assist in weight loss, if taken correctly over a long period of time and backed up with a well balanced diet.

The Phentemine 375 is a relatively new weight loss pill, however, being a prescribed drug, it is generally only given out to the obese.

can supplements replace a good diet?

Ok then, so what the best weight loss pills?

With the choice of so many pills available to us today, it is hard to determine which are the best weight loss pills for us to take.

Let’s put it on the table – there are many pills, tablets and potions out there that don’t work. One particular diet pill that has been known to have no evidence that they do in fact actually work is African mango, or also known as irvingia.

A number of other diet pills have a high amount of caffeine in them, and will therefore, make it very difficult to sleep. Any diet pills with HCA in appear to have the best fat burning qualities.

The best weight loss pill in Australia would be the garcinia cambogia and they have this HCA extract, that aids in the reduction of weight.

These pills have been considered the best weight loss tablets and most effective weight loss pills as they actually do reduce your appetite and burn fat.

Garcinia cambogia is readily available in Australia and can be purchased online at many stores and websites. It is also relatively inexpensive, which makes it more desirable to people.

So as you can see there are many options available to us when it comes to taking diet pills, but if taking pills aren’t your thing, you can always rely on a supplements.

There are clearly two best weight loss supplements that are available today – acai berry, green tea extract and l-carnitine.

Natural weight loss supplements

When it comes to taking supplements to help with the loss of excess weight and fat, it is best to concentrate on natural weight loss supplements.

By saying natural, we mean that we are losing weight in a healthy way that won’t harm our body.

coconut for weight lossSome common natural methods to manage you weight are by taking milk thistle, apple cider vinegar, chia, coconut oil, omega 3 and iodine, just to name a few.

Two of the most commonly used natural supplements are, as mentioned earlier, acai berry and l-carnitine. So what exactly are these two things?acai berry antioxidant superfood

An acai berry is similar to a grape. It is a berry that is grown on the acai palm and is known as a “super food” and one of the healthiest berries you will ever find.

It is said to assist with digestion and control your appetite, so that you are less likely to snack. You can take the supplement in a tablet or juice form. Acai berry weight loss is common among females.

l-carnitine supplementsCarnitine is sourced from amino acids and l-carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body – we call them “protein builders!” and apart from assisting in weight loss, they have a number of other benefits. L-carnitine is an antioxidant and could be considered a ‘wonder drug’, as it gives you an overall general sense of well being.

L-carnitine weight loss and carnitine weight loss are common methods that people use, as many studies have been undertaken to prove that these natural supplements work and help with the production and maintenance of muscle and also to boost the metabolism.

Prescription weight loss pills

With weight loss pills you can opt for the easy avenue of ordering some online and giving them a try, or going to the doctor or pharmacist and obtaining prescription weight loss pills.

It is important to consider that in the latter case, tablets will probably not be prescribed to you, unless you are morbidly obese.

ephedrine medicationPeople think the easy way to lose weight is to have prescribed medication, but this can lead to the old questions of, “will it work?” and “will it leave me out of pocket?”.

When we are fat (and lazy), we want the fastest and quickest action, that is why some people resort to what it called extreme weight loss pills. One example of these is to take Ephedrine diet pills.

Although the main ingredient in these pills is plant extracts and they do boost your metabolism and increase lipolysis (breakdown of body fat), they do have a number of side effects, such as seizures or high blood pressure, and in very extreme cases, heart attack and stroke.

It is also not considered to take this medication with caffeine.

Bottom line is, when it comes to weight loss medication, you really need to sit down and think about whether the product will work, is it worth it, and is it good for me? If you can answer yes, yes and yes – then go for it!

What are the best weight loss supplements for men

When it comes to losing weight, you would have to say it is more common for women to fall victim to fad diets, pills and supplements. However, some men who are extremely overweight or interested in body building, may resort to weight loss supplements for men.

best supplements for men

As mentioned earlier, acai berry supplements are very common amongst women, but what is most common supplement among men, you may ask!

thermobol supplement for fat lossThe best weight loss supplements for men are ones that focus on dropping water weight, concentrating on maintains muscle and stimulants to ramp up the metabolism.

Although these supplements are primarily designed at the men, they could also try some of the products targeted towards the female audience, like the acai berry extract. However, in order to achieve maximum results though, they would probably have to up the dosage. They would probably also achieve faster results than women…. which they won’t like!

The number one best weight loss supplement considered for men is the tablets that contain caffeine, as this is a stimulant and they increase the number of calories and the amount of fat you burn.

Men should look for supplements that contain guarana, theobromine and tyrosine.

One particular supplment that is known for its metabolism boosting caffeine effects is “Thermobol”. However, taking a supplement high in caffeine is not usually considered wise though – too much caffeine intake can be a bad thing and can cause health issues.

Other types of supplements: Weight Loss Drinks

A common way to lose weight these days is with weight loss drinks, and although not technically a supplement, they still work and have similar benefits to pills and tablets.

protein shakesSome options for weight loss drinks are whey protein shakes, herbal teas or green drinks.

It is important to know what goes in these drinks. Some protein drinks that are bought pre-made, may contain higher amounts of sugar than expected, or may have artificial flavourings.

The beauty with green drinks, is that you control what goes in them. You can add all your favourite vegetable and/or fruits, blend them up, and you have a delicious drink that will not only taste nice, but will help in shedding the kilo’s off.

Another health drink that has become very popular of late is coconut water, which contains a higher number of electrolytes.

Coconut water is natural and does not contain any artificial flavours of sweeteners and, again, it has the redeeming features of speeding up your metabolism and giving you more energy.

Protein will reduce your appetite, however, relying just on one thing such as a shake will not in the long term be the answer for anyone.

Weight loss drinks will give you a fuller satisfying feeling, which will make you less likely to snack.

Conclusion: Weight Loss Pills That Work

Overall, there are a high number of different pills out there and it’s a very difficult task to know which ones to choose and go with.

Although there are not any reviews online that are 100% positive about one particular product, the weight loss pills in Australia that receive the most positive reviews and studies are either the acai berry or the garcinia cambogia.

According to a large number of scientific evidence and a number of studies carried out, these two natural supplements are considered to be the best weight loss pills that work.

The key thing to remember though, is that a pill itself will not work solely on its own. You must remember that regular exercise and a healthily eating plan are important factors to and should go hand in hand when taking an dietary supplement.

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