Top Franchise Gyms Australia

When it comes to finding a gym in Australia is there is one thing that is true it is that there are PLENTY of options!

Given that there are so many options to choose from, we have taken the time to review many of the major commercial gyms, 24 hour gyms, personal training studios and franchise chain fitness centres so that you have all the information without the hassle of ringing around!

Some of our popular reviews include:

Anytime Fitness: One of the leading 24 hour gym chains in Australia, Anytime Fitness has spread rapidly across the country providing a huge number of all-day access gyms for Australians. Read our review.

Jetts Fitness: Also a major player in the 24 hour gym market, Jetts also specialise in operating 24 hour gyms. Read our review.

Snap Fitness: Another powerhouse in the 24 hour gym franchise segment, Snap Fitness are popular 24 hour options to consider. Read our review.

Plus Fitness: A fourth option to consider when looking specifically at gyms with 24 hour access. Read our review.

Fitness First: A long-standing player in the Australian Fitness industry, Fitness First are a big name gym. Read our review.

Goodlife Health Clubs: Where recently involved in purchasing many previous Fitness First sites and currently have gyms in 5 different states. Read our review.

Fernwood: One of the big names in female fitness, Fernwood service the needs of the “women-only” market. Read our review.

Fit N Fast: A newer player on the scene, Fit N Fast are providing affordable fitness and a viable alternative to some of the long-standing household names in the Australian fitness industry. Read our review.

Step Into Life: If outdoor exercise is your thing and if you like exercising in groups, Step Into Life may be your solution. Read our review.

Re-Creation Health Clubs: A Melbourne-based gym chain with 8 locations to choose from (as of November 2103). Read our review.

EFM Health Clubs: EFM specialise in offering Personal Fitness Coaching Programs. You can register for our exclusive 3 free trial fitness coaching sessions deal, and find more out about EFM by reading our EFM Health Clubs overview article.

Good luck as you find your new gym or fitness centre!