The Boflex Treadclimber – The Good, the Bad and Review

Sale Comparison for the Australian Market

BowFlex Treadclimber TC SeriesAs you try to come up with brilliant ideas on how to keep yourself fit, you would certainly realize that this could only be made possible if you actually have the proper workout equipment.  The equipment would be of great help to you as to perform the most effective routines in terms of losing weight and building stamina.  However, you may also have the option of just sticking to the more basic methods, such as simply running or jogging for a several miles a day.  This is actually a cheaper option.  But then you must also know that if you have to keep yourself fit in a balanced way, you may have no other choice but to purchase the right equipment.

The Treadclimber is a piece of workout equipment that has been considered a necessity by many fitness experts.  This piece of information may not have even reached your attention yet, especially if you have just started in the fitness craze that is going on for a long period of time.  This is the reason why it would be wise that you know more about what the Treadclimber could do for you. After reading the rest of this article, I’m sure you will be convinced that this is one awesome piece of fitness equipment.

The Basics on the Treadclimber

As a combo machine, you would definitely appreciate what the Boflex Treadclimber does.  This combines the capabilities of the elliptical trainer, the stepper and the treadmill all rolled up into one machine.  This should only tell you that, whatever help you could get from the three aforementioned pieces of equipment, you could now enjoy in just one compact machine.  The results are, therefore, so much better once you begin using this serious piece of machinery more frequently.  Imagine how much calories you burn whenever you use any of the three machines. Now imagine even further the huge amount of calories you lose as you take advantage of the capabilities of this exercise equipment.  It is not surprising why the manufacturer of the machine would declare that a significant loss in weight could be achieved in just more than a month of frequent use.

The manufacturer behind this wonderful device is Nautilus Inc.  The company is clearly an established name already when it comes to fitness machines with superior quality.  Their Boflex Treadclimber has several models already, namely; TC5, TC10, and TC20 (comparison chart).  You may be surprised why there are many models of the machine.  Actually, in terms of purpose or on what these machines could do, there is absolutely no difference at all.  The differences could be seen in the size and the additional features of each model.  If you are planning on buying one, it would be best that you check out each of the models that are being sold in the market.  This is one way of making sure that the model that you actually desire would be able to satisfy your requirements and that this would really facilitate better fitness routines.  Now you know what a Treadclimber is, you would be in a better position to decide on the procurement of the equipment.

Using the Nautilus Treadclimber

It has been pointed out that the Bowflex Treadclimber is basically a combination of the three most popular pieces of gym equipment.  Such conclusion is based not on the physical appearance of the machine but rather on its actual usage.  The effort required from the user is just as necessary as that of the treadmill, the elliptical trainer, and the stepper.  Actually, the machine has a distinctive dual treadle system.  This makes an upward and downward motion once you are already on it.  The motion though is not in any way dictated by the machine but by the user.  This means that you could have control over it and the pace would depend on you.  It may seem that you are on a stepper here but there is really more to it.

The moment that you begin using the machine, you would experience the treadmill’s walking motion, the upward and downward stepping of the stepper, as well as the elliptical trainer’s low impact movement.  It is because of these experiences that you would notice yourself really sweating out even with just a few minutes astride the Bowflex Treadclimber.  As you do so, you get the assurance that you are really burning calories and losing weight in the process.  If you have just begun using the machine though, it is not advisable to immediately have a high level of resistance.  This is not good for your body and neither for your mind.  Too much resistance too soon may just discourage you from going ahead with the workout program.  It allows you to adjust not just the resistance level but also the speed.  You could therefore increase the resistance level and the speed as you continue with the workout program.

The Treadclimber is a machine that is available to everyone for use.  Anyone who wishes to lose weight or to keep himself fit could go jump aboard and take it for a spin.  If you feel that you are too big and heavy, this should not be a problem.  The machine is actually designed to carry the weight of a maximum 300-pound individual.  You may have to ask the opinion of your fitness coach or personal trainer which kind of machine would suit you most.  Additionally, it is advised to you are in contact with a medical professional that can determine what is the best fitness alternative based upon your unique circumstances.

The Pros

The mere fact that more and more people are using this powerhouse piece of equipment should tell you that it is a machine that you should have if you wish to make your workout program really successful.  However, it is also wrong to buy one simply because others are doing so.  That would be like you following blindly a fad without any good reason.  It is very important that you know what the advantages and disadvantages of having one of these tremendous machines.

  • Simple to use – Although taking the place of three pieces of equipment, it is actually simple in operation.
  • Reducing joint stress – Unlike many other pieces of gym equipment, this fitness equipment places a low level of stress on your joints.  This means that the machine is guaranteed not to damage your muscles and your joints while in use.  This is in comparison to a treadmill of the same caliber.
  • Innovative design burns lots of calories – It utilizes the best of three different pieces of equipment.  To be perfectly honest, the machine is doing three different things therefore, theoretically you are doing three different exercises at the same time.  It is difficult to have an honest comparison to one of the other pieces of equipment but this does provide for one heck of a workout.Treadclimber TC20
  • Setup custom user profiles – You have the ability to setup user profiles (up to 2 on some models).  It has all the information about this person so that it does not have to be inputted again.  This is the same as in your car when you hit one of the buttons and the seat moves into your position as does the steering wheel and pedals.
  • Easy to move – Has transport wheels so can be moved to a new location fairly easily; it is heavy so have an extra set of hands on board to assist.
  • Progress tracking and coaching technology – It keeps track of your progress as you continue using it and attempts to provided feedback and recommendations on how to improve.
  • Wireless chest strap included for heart rate – Great way to see if you are “in the zone” so that fat is burning.
  • Small Footprint – The Boflex takes on the competition as being all of three different pieces of fitness equipment.  The beauty of it is that it does not even take up the footprint of one of them.  Less than 1/3 the footprint and three times the machine.  How much better can you get?
  • 3 years coverage – Provides peace of mind that the manufacturer has confidence in their product and your new healthy lifestyle.

The Cons

It does have some downsides.  While it may have a lot of positive aspects, it cannot be denied that it is not perfect and has some issues.  These issues, however, should not be enough to discourage you from getting such an excellent machine.

  • Awkward movement – It not a not purely a natural movement that we make every day.  It will take a short time to get used to the motion of the three in one action that this offers.
  • Hefty Price Tag – It cannot be denied that it is one of the most expensive workout equipment in market today.  While not three times the price, it can be quite pricey with a price tag in excess closing on $4000 with delivery and setup.  It may be expensive but it is also one with the best fitness equipment you can find.  It is for this reason that you should indeed entertain the idea of owning this even if it is expensive.
  • Heavy for Transport – As noted above, it comes with transportation wheels.  This does not mean that it is easy to pick up and move.  We would recommend having one or more other hands available to assist with the movement of it.
  • Less Features – It has less features that you will find on all the modern treadmills.  Some people can look past this Bowflex TC20 controls because they put it in a room with a television or just listen to their headphones.  Additionally, the screen does not have all the calculations and fancy readouts seen in the treadmill lines.
  • Top speed not the same as a treadmill –While you are doing a lot more movement with this in comparison to each individual piece of exercise equipment that it replaces, it does get you to the same speed as a treadmill.  Unlike the treadmill, the Treadclimber is definitely not meant for running.   This may be a factor that could pose a problem to you, if you have been very used to using the treadmill.  You may wish that there are some adjustments that could be done so that you could use it just as you would with a treadmill but that is simply impossible.

What People Say about the Bowflex Treadclimber

What people say about a certain product is the best gauge in determining its quality.  This goes the same with this great product.  After all, who else could provide the most accurate description of the equipment than those who have experienced using it?  Since its introduction in the market, there have been a lot of people who have expressed appreciation of the product.   There were those who emphasized the positive factors of the equipment because they feel that they have succeeded in making themselves fit with it.  In fact, many users have indeed shown satisfaction with the product.  There were, however, some who feel that the machine is still inadequate.  Apparently, the machine has certain flaws.  Nevertheless, the machine’s popularity remains high overall.  This is something that should tell you that you could expect the best out of the machine.  You can learn more from the reviews here.

The Verdict

As presented here, it is obvious that the Bowflex Treadclimber deserves the attention that it is getting from many people.  It definitely deserves the praises too.  When it comes to prices, it is true that the machine is the most expensive of its kind.  But why do many people still insist on buying it?  There could be no other explanation to this other than the fact that the product is indeed worth buying.  In the Australian market, this is also true.  If you go around the shops that sell fitness equipment in Australia, you would find out that indeed it is quite pricey.  However, you must be prudent with your choice.  If you want to go for quality, this equipment should be the wise decision.