Sydney Gyms Guide – What are the Best Gyms in Sydney?

Sydney Gyms Guide

Sydney is a modern metropolitan city with modern metropolitan people. Part of the modern urban mindset makes physical fitness something worth striving for. Prosperity will only take you so far in life, and then you need your health.

Many people get a slim body with no effort in their 20s. These same people discover a decade later that it takes work stay slim and fit. With busy urban lifestyles, people are turning to the many gyms of Sydney to stay active and fit with a desk job.

Here is a list of the gyms available for the fitness minded person.

Crunch – Crunch is among the most affordable gyms in Sydney. No contract is required. It offers basic and spacious gym facilities. But Crunch is really known for their high-energy classes and boot camp style workouts.

City Gym – Most Sydney gyms offer basic and predictable facilities. City Gym specializes in bodybuilding for men and women. They have elite trainers and many of them are champions. While the emphasis is on weight lifting, they also offer classes including spin, kickfit, yoga, Warrior, Zumba, Body Attack, Pilates and Tarzan Training!

P.E. DEPT – Of all of the gyms in Sydney, this is one that promises to cap their membership numbers so there is never any overcrowding. There is nothing worse than coming for a workout and having to wait for a machine. The building was designed by the architectural firm BKH and is spacious and modern. Being true to their P.E. name, they offer numerous classes including more exotic exercises like Tabata, cross fit, TRX, and box fit. They have an off-peak hour membership, which is cheaper than the others.

Broadway Gym – Among Sydney gyms, Broadway Gym is a tradition. It has been around since 1975. John Terilli a winner of the Professional Mr. Universe contest founded it. They offer exercise equipment, but no classes. The rates are affordable with bronze, silver and platinum membership levels. Try it free for one day.

Hiscoes Fitness Center – This is a family run gym in Surry Hills. The emphasis here is on quality not quantity. Hiscoes is one of the only Sydney gyms to offer squash courts. Classes are available and Hiscoes offers a whopping seven days free to try the facility.

Balmain Fitness – This is a locally owned Sydney gym. They boast no contracts and no joining fees. The location was converted from a large dockside foundry. It has 1500 square meters of space. Balmain Fitness offers a variety of classes and world-class equipment.

Bounce Fitness – This North Sydney establishment run by Sam Struthers that promises to help you bounce back with a 28-day weight loss guarantee. The facility offers tennis, mobile personal trainers, bootcamps and a gym. Its focus is weight loss. It caps its membership to ensure quality service.

Franchise/Commercial Gym Chains

Fitness First – This is a middle tier gym offering no less than five locations in Sydney CBD. This is a franchise gym chain so every gym is a little different. For example the one on Bond Street has a beauty center, a steam room and offers massage.

Not all Fitness First locations have these offerings. Some have pools. Call around to see what is near you. They all have a crèche and excellent workout equipment and classes.

Jetts Gym – This gym has adequate equipment and locations throughout Sydney and the suburbs. They offer a 3-day trial.

Anytime Fitness – Another 24 hour gym chain with basic equipment. There is one Sydney proper and couple more in outlying areas. Memberships are transferable to other clubs. They do not offer classes.

So if you are happily living the modern urban lifestyle in our beautiful Sydney, consider keeping your body strong and fit with a membership to a quality Sydney gym!