South Pacific Gym: The Best Gym Option for Melbourne Resident’s

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Melbourne residents known that finding the right gym in Melbourne can be challenging. There are varieties of fitness clubs, yoga, personal training facilities and Pilates trainings working all over Melbourne. With this many options, it can be difficultto choose the right workout and gym schedule that you need. South Pacific Gym offers all these trainings and much more, with knowledge and an attitude that your health and exercising are an essential part of your lifestyle-giving you the opportunity to have it all together on the one location. With 6 centers to choose from, we can cover all your health and fitness needs.

Melbourne residents these days have one of the best opportunities to work out and live healthy, thanks to the new gyms in the region, known as South Pacific Gyms. There are several gyms in this group, strategically covering entire Melbourne area, so you can conveniently work out closer to your home. This will enable you to pack up exercise regimen into your hectic daily schedule, no matter how busy you are.

People in South Pacific Gym know that most of their clients these days spend many hours in their offices, and thus they want to make exercising as convenient as possible. In this sense, convenient exercising is having an ability to work out in great gym, with lots of different training opportunities, lots of equipment and personal trainers, and with a location close to their home.

yoga classes at south pacific gymWhy is the South Pacific Gym Have the Best Exercising Location?

South Pacific Gym makes exercising easy and convenient. It is located close to your home: just Google it and you will discover that you have South Pacific Gym in: Melbourne CBD, Port Melbourne, St Kilda Sea Baths, East Malvern, Nunawading and Williamstown. This pretty much covers entire Melbourne area!

With long office hours in mind, South Pacific Gym is opened almost 24/7, keeping their door opened until late hours, so that all avid fitness fans can come in and work out, either in one of many versatile group trainings, or in individual sessions, with their own personal trainer. This gives you opportunity to work out with your trainer who will create the best work-out regimen that will perfectly fit your individual exercise needs and abilities. You will enjoy exercising, and actually seeing results of your hard work-out.

Although group trainings don’t include as much personal contact as in individual trainings, there is still lot of interactions with trainer, as well as with group peers. It is actually great to work-out in the group: you connect with other people, support each other while focusing on the improvement of your personal fitness level.

Different Exercising Optionsweights

South Pacific Gym knows that people have different needs, meaning that not every particular type of training will fit everyone’s exercising needs and abilities. This is why in South Pacific Gyms you can choose among variety of exercising options: Body Pump, Reformer Pilates, Yoga Ashtanga, Yoga Hatha, Yoga Iyengar, Power Yoga, Pilates, Kenesis 3D Training, Omnia Power Circuit, Hot Yoga, and many others! Whatever your fitness needs are: either to tone up, to increase strength, to lose weight or to simply relax after a long, stressful day in the office: we can offer you individually tailored exercise regimen that will satisfy you in every aspect.

South Pacific Gyms have the best equipment that is available in the field, enabling you to enjoy in all-encompassing exercise that will get all your muscles in the action. And of course, after the successful training, you want to shower and change your clothes. Like all other good gyms, South Pacific Gyms have the following facilities for its users:

  • Locker rooms with hair dryers
  • Liquid soap
  • Ironing board
  • Free lockers

You can conveniently get ready for exercising and dress up for going out after the training, freshened up with shower and in clean clothes. You can enjoy these indoor facilities carefree because the hygiene is our top priority we don’t compromise about-as your health and safety is our main concern.

Additionally, with the idea to enable you to relax and enjoy yourself, we have created amazing Spa Dreamtime in the facilities of St. Kilda’s Gym, with spa facilities, people will get aromatherapy steam room as well as hydrotherapy spa. You can relax in this beautiful spa, enjoying in numerous wellness treatments and therapies up until 7 pm onMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, or 9 pm on Thursday and Friday. If these long working hours don’t completely fit your busy schedule, you can always arrange treatment individually, according to your schedule.

Fitness and HealthProfessional staff in South Pacific Gym

People in South Pacific Gym know that exercising will give the best result if you are completely engaged. In order to be completely engaged, you and trainer have to cooperate successfully, and this cooperation starts when your trainer creates your personal fitness profile. Professionals in South Pacific Gym make sure to get to know you from the very first arrival to the gym. This means you will be interviewed and will have initial health check that will enable trainer to evaluable your physical condition and abilities. This will be the start point for creatingan individually designed exercising program that will perfectly meet your individual health and fitness goals and abilities. Trainer will be here to check up on your health and your fitness progress, to guide you through exercising (showing you how to properly perform each exercise), to protect you from injuries and to boost your results. Your personal or group trainer will regularly check on your health, assuring best results and your best health status ever.

With all the mentioned information, there is no dilemma about best gym for your personal needs. Contact South Pacific Gym that is closest to your home and enable yourself to get in the best shape of your life.


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