Snap Fitness Gym Review – Locations and Membership Costs

The tagline of Snap Fitness is “Fast, Convenient, Affordable.” With over a 100 locations in Australia, Snap Fitness lives up to its name. Snap is a U.S. franchise founded in 2003 that is now worldwide. It emigrated to Australia in 2009. Like many 24 hour gyms, this one is a franchise so each gym is independently owned.

Snap Fitness has won some awards in the business world for its fast growth and efficient operations. In 2009, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Snap Fitness No. 1 “Best in Category” for fitness franchises. Additionally, Inc. Magazine put Snap at No. 16 on its annual, “Inc. 500” list of privately owned businesses. Snap Fitness now boasts of half a million members worldwide.

Review of Snap 24 Hour Gyms

Snap Fitness Locations:

Snap Fitness Gyms currently boasts over 100 locations. You can find a Snap Fitness in every state except Tasmania. There are over 50 locations in QLD. NSW and VIC also have a good amount of locations.

Equipment and other facilities: Snap Fitness Gyms have adequate facilities with your standard free weights, weight lifting machines, and a variety of cardiovascular machines. Snap bills itself as “compact” so it is not as spacious as some other gyms.

What is on offer? Some of the franchises offer classes. Personal training is available everywhere. If classes are of interest to you, call first.

Opening Times: this is a gym that remains open all through the day and night. Staff work during business hours, usually 8:30am – 7:30pm, Monday through Friday. This can vary slightly depending on the franchise. Some gyms have Saturday staff hours.

Snap Fitness Membership Costs:

As with most gym franchises, the prices are not fixed. They vary from club to club. It is not unusual to have a non-contract membership cost $23 per fortnight. But this can vary widely depending on local discounts.

Additional fees and costs: There is a joining fee of $99. The access pass currently costs an additional $29 (September 2013). The joining fee is sometimes waived or reduced due to local promotions. It never hurts to simply ask to have it waived.

Discounts and Special Offers: Ask for a free trial if one is not explicitly offered. Other specials may vary by season and gym.

How to cancel your Snap Fitness membership: A 30 day cancellation policy is in effect. You can workout during the 30 days until your membership ends. It is a good policy to request cancellation in writing so you have a copy of it.

Transferability: If you move can you transfer your membership to another club in another state? This is a tricky question because the clubs are all individually owned. It seems that fortnightly pay-as-you-go memberships can be transferred, but that pre-paid annual memberships cannot be transferred.

Safety: The good news is that the premises are watched by round-the-clock video surveillance.