Plus Fitness 24/7 Gym Review – Locations and Membership Costs

Plus Fitness 24/7 Gyms is counted among the largest round-the-clock gym chains in Australia. With more Australians working long hours and obesity rates on the rise, the 24 hour gym has become a sensation. This particular gym company has been operating since 1996.

It started to franchise its stores in the year 2009. Each Plus Fitness 24/7 Gym brand is owned and operated individually and independently. The company has also been operating a few Plus Fitness Health Clubs though these are not round-the-clock gyms.

Review of Plus Fitness 24 Hour Gyms

Plus Fitness locations in Australia

Plus Fitness 24/7 Gyms operate 50 gyms and have more about to open.

Which states are being served? The company serves all of Queensland and it also has a presence in New South Wales and Victoria as well as both Western Australia and South Australia.

What kind of equipment and facilities are offered? At present the company is offering standard gym facilities, which include an entire range of cardiovascular and weights equipment.

Extra Services: Personal training services are also offered and at a few selected locations the company also conducts classes.

Hours of Operation: These are 24 hour clubs, but staff is not there all the time. Staff timings are standard business times and extend up to seven in the evening from Monday to Friday and there are selected timings on weekends.

Plus Fitness Membership Cost & Options

When you sign up for membership you are entitled to inclusions like unlimited access and reciprocal rights to different gyms in the group. You also get complementary health and fitness consultation. Membership costs vary from club to club and typically are divided into three separate categories.

The first category costs 26 dollars per fortnight and the second category costs 32 dollars per fortnight while the third category costs 42 dollars per fortnight (in September 2013). Call your local franchise to get current membership costs.

Are there any additional costs that the company will hit you with? There is a $99 joining fee which is applicable to all the different kinds of membership plans.

Can you cancel your membership and get a refund? If you wish to cancel your membership you will need to provide the company with a notice in writing. You can cancel your fortnightly membership as long as you do so two days prior to the next deduction. If you paid in advance for your membership then you cannot cancel your membership unless you can prove that you have suffered a serious injury that prevents you from exercising.

Can you put your membership in advance? The company does allow you to suspend your membership. You can also transfer your membership to another person by paying a one-off thirty-five dollar fee.

Can you use other clubs? The company allows you to access (without any limitations) clubs in other locations in Australia in your current membership.

Are you safe? You are safe because the club has round-the-clock audio and video surveillance.

Can you use the club on a trial basis? It is possible to try the club for free. Also check for available special offers on-line, including places like LivingSocial.

Getting started: If you want to register then you can do do through online or call you local gym for an appointment.