Complete Guide about Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses in Australia

This Comprehensive Personal Trainer Course guide is our attempt for all those interested and talented people in Australia who are planning to join Fitness Industry. There are many types of personal training courses across Australia which you can apply for and after passing these certifications you can get employed into various roles.Personal Training Courses

So let us unravel the various fitness courses, understand the syllabus, what knowledge you will gain out of these and what kind of jobs you will get after passing these fitness training programs.

So before you start your journey as a PT, you need to first work as Fitness Instructor(Gym Instructor). Let us discuss that part first.

Who is a Fitness Instructor?

A fitness instructor is a person who helps other to succeed in their goal towards fitness. A fitness instructor can also be defined as a professional with expertise in fitness and exercise. He is well aware of topics such as nutrition and weight loss.

There are many benefits of working with a Fitness Instructor, some of the important ones are:

1) Motivation

2) Efficiency

3) Safety

4) Guidance & Knowledge

A Fitness Instructor enables a person to focus more on movement mechanics .e.g. how the body moves. He works on basic body weight of a person to prepare them for any athletic endeavor. Some of the activities for this purpose are pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, and bracing. He wants you to excel and he wants to bring the best in you.

He ensures that the body is in proper posture during exercise to minimize the risk of damage/injury. Fitness instructors are properly trained and their specializations varies from one to another. So, is there a standard by which Fitness Instructor’s experience and knowledge could be checked?

Answer is yes, through Certifications

Certification process in AustraliaFitness Certification Online

Fitness instructors can work in gyms and can become registered member of fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia. There are generally three levels of certifications in Australia.

1) Level 1

2) Level 2

3) Level 3

Level 1 is considered as certificate iii in fitness, Level 2 is considered as certificate iv in fitness and Level 3 is considered as diploma in fitness. These certification can be obtained from many prestigious institutions like TAFE (Technical and further education South Australia), Australian college of sports and fitness etc.

These certifications give a proof that the person has a deep knowledge about the different training exercises and what nutrition is needed in daily diet of client.

Certificate 3 in Fitness

This exam proves your qualifications and skills as a gym instructor. Without Certificate III you can’t become a gym instructor. You learn various skills in this certification such as :

Some Topics Covered in Certificate III in Fitness
Nutrition Client Communication
Anatomy & Physiology Group Exercise Programming
Exercise Equipment First Aid
Fitness Screening Circuit Training Programming

If you want to get a fitness instructor certification you need to be properly motivated. This certification is not only for working in the gym, it also helps when you want to be more dedicated towards your health and your fitness.

It helps you become an expert in health and weight loss programs which can benefit you in the future. You will be able to help people in their fitness problems whenever you want.

So what knowledge should a person have for Cert 3 in Fitness?

Let us now look at what general and detailed knowledge is required for Certification III. Cert III fitness exam needs you to read and research, and apply those concepts in real life. If you learnt biology in school, then you might already know 30-40% of the course.

For the exam you should have information of Cardiovascular system, lungs, heart, and brain. In basic nutrition,you should have knowledge about carbohydrates and proteins required by the body. You should have knowledge about basic metabolism processes like ADP, how it acts, what it does to your body. The course for exam is very easy and very informative.

Regarding muscles you should have complete information about the origin and the movement of the muscles, Antagonist and Agonist muscles, the muscles names and their functions. You need to learn that how muscle imbalance can happen and how you can fix that imbalance. What stretching to do or what not to do to avoid injury.

Also there is a lot of specific information you need to learn for passing the test like how to handle older people, pregnant woman and cancer patients. This certification requires that you have learnt about climatic, fitness, agility, strength and speed related programs.

There are different modules that a fitness instructor should have knowledge about. These modules are considered as standards and they are:

1) Workplace Health and Safety

2) Health Screen & Fitness Test

3) Exercise Programming

4) Workplace Skills

5) Group Exercise

6) Nutrition

7) Specific Populations Exercise

8) First Aid

The certification test is generally based on these Eight modules. You need to complete 15 units of competency which are basically combination of 10 core and 5 elective courses within these modules.

You will need to complete written exams, projects, practical activities equal to 40 hours of work experience under supervised trainers. Overall duration can range between 6 months and 1 year depending on the training school.

You should know how to create a new fitness program and how to do the fitness assessment. Fitness assessment like which muscles are active and which are in-active during a workout. You should have proper knowledge about each part of body/muscle and every process that is taking place in human body during the workout.

For giving certification exam all you have to do is to talk to people in the industry and try to get benefit from their personal experiences, ask them about feedback of various schools, faculty, course content, tie-ups with employers.

Research good institutes that appeal you the most in terms of money, location and duration of course. Learn about various training programs using online research. Get practical knowledge by talking with the health professionals, doctors, and physiotherapist about different exercises.

You can read more about this exam here.

So what to do after you become certified?

After you have become certified you will look into different career paths whether you want to go and work in a gym setting or you can join a prestigious university as a fitness coordinator maybe become aqua instructor. There are just many options and career paths you can get into after the certification.

Certificate 4 in Fitness

If you are opting to become a fitness trainer, especially a well paid fitness trainer, you need to acquire different types of certification in this field. After you achieve some good certification, you can get good employment as well as people would rely upon you.

Eligibility for Cert 4 in Fitness

Different countries have different qualifications standards with respect to the fitness trainers. However, in Australia, before you go for cert 4 in fitness, you must obtain certificate 3 in fitness.

Career after Certificate IV in Fitness

You have exciting career ahead if you have obtained Cert IV fitness, because this course is seen with very high regards and trainers with this certificate get a well paid job. It is a personal training course which enables you to work as a professional fitness trainer. You can practice it in any well established organization or in your own business.

You can also work as:

  • Exercise Trainer – Aqua Trainer
  • Exercise Trainer – Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Trainer – Older Client Trainer

How to Do Cert 4 in FitnessFitness Courses

If you are engaged somewhere and still want to do this course, you can do it online also. However, you can only opt to do theory part online. Regarding selection of institute, it should be totally your decision or you should consult trainers who have passed this examination.

There is no definite fee for this course. You can find considerable price difference in two institutes for example Fitness Institute of Australia (FIA) and Institute Australian Fitness (IAF) provide cert iv in fitness but their fee vary a lot.

If you want to get a cert iv in fitness in Australia, you can find several training institutes with similar abbreviations which would really confuse you such as IAF, AIF, FIA etc. So, to find the best institute, which also suits your budget, you should consult different people.


However, some experts suggest you to do this course from TAFE as its trainers are seen with high regards in comparison to the other institutes. So the ultimate choice is yours.

Skills and Knowledge gained during Cert IV in Fitness

Some Topics Covered in Certificate IV in Fitness
Fitness Business Business Planning
Anatomy & Physiology Older Adult Training
Strength & Conditioning Children Training
Fitness Testing Sports Specific Training

For more details about the curriculum refer this website.

Time Duration to Complete Certificate 4

It depends upon how you opt to do this course, for example, if you wish to do it as full time, it may take 3 weeks (different institutes have different time limit) whereas if you opt for online course, duration would be different.

It is recommended that you should do this course face to face instead of online as this gives you the opportunity to interact with your instructors. However, if you don’t have time to do this course face to face, you may opt for online course as several people have benefited from it.

Exam Benefits of Certificate 4

Many people do the course but avoid the exam part which is not recommended. Until you get the certificate of this course, you would not get the benefits of this course in terms of employment. Hence, you must pass its exam so as to obtain its certificate.

This is a course which would change your perception towards your own health and it would also drive you to follow exciting and innovative methods of training.

One thing is certain, if you are planning to do certificate 4 in fitness; you can take your fitness career to the next level.

Diploma in Fitness

If you wish to work with health professionals & want to provide training to clients with specific needs like older clients, children with chronic illness, sportsperson recovering from injuries then Diploma of Fitness is the right course is right for you.

Knowledge gained during Diploma of Fitness

Some Topics Covered in Diploma of Fitness
Muscular Injuries Muscular, Cardio, Respiratory, Nervous Systems
Soft Tissue Injuries Injury Prevention & Management
Rehabilitation Posture Assessment & Analysis
Recovery Programming Sports Specific Training

If you wish to see more information about this course refer here.

Duration and Fees for this personal training certification will vary depending on training school and mode of study. Therefore you should look at your budget, talk to some Specialised Trainers and do some basic research before joining a school.

After gaining knowledge about these certifications if you wish to know more about PT as a career then do check out our exclusive guide which will cover all aspects in detail by clicking this link.