How to start your Personal Training Business

Personal Trainers after gaining enough experience by working in gyms can opt to go alone and start their own business. You can branch out to multiple roads when starting your own business which we have tried to talk about in this article.

But before you read these ensure that you have obtained registration from Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia and got insurance cover for your business.

If the answer is no then Read about these here.

Once you have got these it is time to start your own training business.

1) Starting your Own Training Studio

Personal Training Studio

It is important that you have a business plan in place because you will need to manage right from Winning New Clients (Sales), Handling Finance, Marketing activities, Managing Gym Floor (Operations), Hiring and Retaining Trainers (HR), Expansion of your studio, Opening new studios in future (Strategy).

For a studio, you would first think of a place. So at what kind of place you should start your training studio?

There are some important factors you should consider before committing for a place :

  • Closeness to clientele – Your studio should be near populated areas or easily accessible by public transport
  • Check the competition – If the demand is already met by competitors, you should probably look for other place where there is demand and less to medium competition

The second thing is that now a days training studios face is that they outgrow their first location very quickly .e.g. if someone started at 2000 square feet now they have 12,000 square feet. You shouldn’t focus on the out growing problem, you should first start small, make your name in the market and then expand.

There is nothing wrong with starting small, all the training studios you see nowadays were very small in the beginning. You want your training studio to be a place where everyone wants to go, no one wants to go in a place which is empty.

So keeping this in mind, starting small should be your priority and you can even train clients from within an existing studio as a starting point. Bigger place will cost you thousands of dollars and it would be mostly empty. 2000 square feet is the ideal space for starting your business.

Also you need to ensure that your gym is well stocked in the start with equipment like :Gym Equipment

  • Free Weights
  • Cardio Machines
  • Resistance Machines
  • Abdominal Machines
  • Isolation Machines

You can start with a list of ‘must haves’ equipments based on type of gym you wish to open and type of clients you wish to service. Also you can think about which group exercise classes you want to have in the gym  maybe Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and hire specialized group instructors accordingly.

The number three thing for starting your studio is to spend money on the marketing. You don’t spend all of your money on making the place very beautiful and with luxurious things, you have to invest in marketing which will drive customers to your studio.

Marketing is the life of the business, many fitness trainers take loans and make a beautiful studio but they cannot get enough customers. Facebook marketing or Google marketing is the best choice for your studio. Always focus on marketing, and when it comes to marketing you need to focus on three things that matter the most

  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Internal marketing

These three things are the pillars on which your fitness business should be built on. In online marketing you should advertise on sites like Facebook, Create a Google plus page, List your business in Google Local Search. If youre not skilled at it yourself, hire a professional online marketing agency to help out.

Also find good blogs and websites related to Personal Training and you can negotiate with them and see if they can run deals, advertisements for you on their websites. Scoopon is also a great site for publishing deals in any city of Australia.

Offline marketing is that you target any big saloon or club etc. and give them a short lecture on fitness, motivation etc. and you can offer them at the end to come and try your studio for a week. In this way you can capture more clients.

Internal marketing or referrals is marketing by clients. The people who come to you could refer your business to their friends, family members, office colleagues.

2) Starting Online Training Business

Clients are these days looking for online solution for everything. Nowadays life is very busy and it’s very hard to meet face to face with a personal trainer. Online training is the method of distant training e.g. if one person is sitting in Sydney and he wants to get training from a person sitting in Melbourne, he can use his computer to contact trainer online.

Online personal training course is not for everyone, if you are not a lifter and you have never set your foot in a gym, it’s probably not for you. It’s for the candidates who have some knowledge about safety and have been training for a while.

Working with Online personal trainer is every economical and time effective than standard training. It is time effective as people can watch the videos of the trainer and can themselves work on the instructions.

The other benefit is that it would be individualized for the client, or the trainer could keep a check on your daily routine. In online training program you can access your personal trainer any time you want. Some of the benefits of online training over standard training are given below:

1) All Time Access:

You can Access you trainer or access online fitness courses any time you want or any time you are free.

2) Economical Cost:

When a training business takes off, a trainer after sometime becomes very busy. The clients find it difficult to book his time and he becomes very expensive as well. That’s where online training comes into help. You can take help from your favorite trainer and book him at very low costs.

3) Freedom to work out:

With online training you would have the freedom to access your trainer any time and at any location. If you travel a lot, this is very helpful for you.

4) Online Support:

Many trainers are reluctant to contact after the one on one session, so it becomes very difficult if you need some help. In online training you can contact any time by email or Skype.

Due to all above advantages, clients are looking for trainers who can provide online training.

Starting you membership site and promoting it via advertisements can be done by hiring an internet marketing agency which will also ensure that your website related issues like downtime, access issues for members can be minimized.

3) Starting In Home Training Business

The whole concept of PT is to bring gym to people’s home. Big gyms can use large funds on marketing to attract clients but personal trainers have to sell themselves. They have to provide something extra so that clients like their services, so how can they do it?

Solution is providing Training in the comfort of client homes. Let us discuss about one of the hot trends in fitness industry : Mobile Personal Training.In Home Personal Training

Mobile Personal Trainer can use postcards, fliers in their area to tell about themselves. Furthermore they can create a Facebook fan page to attract more clients.

When the client contacts you, you have to develop the trust between him and you. It’s always easy to do business with the people you have developed trust on. You have to know about their goals.

Maybe you can offer them some complimentary training sessions to start with. Once they like your style then give them the offer, give them monthly and yearly deals which are discounted rather than daily rates by hour.

There are some personal training equipment which you need to carry with you as a home personal trainer like:

  • Mats
  • Speed ropes
  • Gym Balls
  • Dumbbells
  • Stability Disc
  • Resistance balls

Also you will have to manage your time well, as you will be shuttling all over the city in your personal vehicle and going from one house to another. This requires extra dedication and commitment on your part.

We hope you this article has helped you get a perspective in case you wish to start your own fitness business which is highly rewarding but at the same time requires dedication, hard work and handling of administrative, financial, marketing tasks along with managing training schedules.

If you feel burdened start slow, and take small steps by setting few goals you wish to achieve in first year. All the best for your journey!