Overview of Group Fitness Classes at Australian Gyms

There is a wide variety of classes available at gyms and fitness facilities. Some of the more popular classes are listed below.

pilates classPilates

This is an advanced system of exercises using specially designed apparatus. The equipment is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture. The class is designed to enhance mental awareness and focus.


Zumbazumba lesson

This class is a vigorous aerobic dance and fitness program. It features dance and exercise moves inspired by the myriad styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music. It features modern music, tango, salsa and samba to name a few. Many women take this class. There is an emphasis in this class on having fun.

gym bike classSpinning

This indoor cycling on stationary bikes. It is a strong cardiovascular workout that leaves participants sweaty and panting. The classes can last 30 to 75 minutes are meant burn off calories quickly, potentially up to 900 calories in one long session. Spinning is usually accompanied by music.

crossfit exercise


This is a broad training and fitness program the advocates a wide range of disciplines to achieve it’s goals. For example, Cross-Fit training will incorporate aerobic exercise, weights, gymnastics, kettle bells, running and stretching.

yoga classYoga

There are many kinds of yoga from hot yoga to power yoga to gentle hatha yoga. Yoga is a set of movements that build strength, balance and flexibility. The emphasis in these movements is alignment. Yoga includes inversions like head stands and shoulder stands which are supposed to be healing for the glands.


Cardio Kick fitCardio Kickfit Class

This is an aerobic, strength training program that uses boxing gloves with kicks, punches and blocks set to high energy music. It is basically kick boxing with martial arts skills mixed in. It is designed to build self-confidence, burn fat, build muscle and relieve stress.


training for warriorsTraining for Warriors

This is a physical and mental training program created by professional fighter Martin Rooney. It utilises certified trainers to give ongoing evaluations and feedback to adapt the program to the needs of the warrior. It claims to have a holistic approach that includes nutrition.intense workout

Tarzan Training!

They training is designed to build energy and mental toughness. It combines plyometrics, interval training, and weight training for a total package that is challenging. Exercises include pushing, squatting, lifting, sprinting, pulling, jumping, and pumping. Some fundamental fitness is required before enrolling in the Tarzan Training Course.

exercise bootcamp

Boot camp

There is a wide variety of boot camp programs both indoors and outdoors. These vary by instructor and location, but their intention is to quickly get participants in shape.


Les Mills Programs

The programs were started in New Zealand with Olympic athlete Leslie Roy Mills. They have since spread all over the globe.

There are many other Les Mills fitness classes such at these:

  • BodyStepLes Mills training
  • BodyBalance
  • BodyVive
  • BodyPump
  • Les Mills Grit Cardio
  • Les Mills Grit Strength
  • Les Mills Grit Plyo
  • BodyJam
  • Sh’Bam

  • RPM
  • BodyCombat

Les Mills Body Attack

Body attack is fitness program inspired by sports. It is a cardio workout for strength building and stamina. High energy interval training combines aerobic movements with strength and balancing exercises.