Jetts Fitness Gym Review, Costs, Locations & Information

Jetts Fitness Gyms arose a few years ago in 2007 when many of the other 24 hour franchise gyms were emerging globally. The company was the first 24 hour franchise to open in Australia.

Jetts has been very successful and is one of the fastest growing franchises in any category. It is well documented that Australians are working longer hours so these 24 hour gyms allow people to exercise in off-hours, like late at night.

Jetts Gym Locations:

Jetts Fitness currently has 191 locations throughout Australia. They exist in every state except the Northern Territory. QLD has over 70 clubs!

Equipment and other facilities: They have adequate facilities with your standard weight lifting, cardiovascular machines, and floor space for stretching and exercising.

What is on offer? They do not offer classes. Personal training is available.

Opening Times: this is a gym that remains open all through the day and night. Staff work during business hours, usually 8:30am – 7:30pm, Monday through Friday. This can vary slightly depending on the franchise. Some gyms have Saturday staff hours.

Jetts Gym Membership Cost:

Jetts offer membership priced at $11.95 per week and the memberships are able to be cancelled at any time, without additional fees with 48 hours notice.

Additional fees and costs: There is a joining fee of $89. The access pass currently costs an additional $59 (January 2014).

Discounts and Special Offers: There is often a 3-day free pass where you must talk to a representative first. This is a good way to check a gym out before signing on. Other specials may vary by season and gym.

How to cancel your Jetts membership: Cancellation is possible with a written notice to the club and becomes effective within 48 hours. If you have paid your membership fees in advance there is no refund unless you can prove that injury prevents you from exercising and using the club.

Hold period: There is a maximum of 8 weeks out of the year that a membership can be placed on hold. This allows people to leave the country or have vacations.

Where can you use your membership? As always, be sure to read the fine print in your agreement for such specific requirements, however Jetts allow unlimited access at any Australian, NZ and Europe club.

Is there an age limit? Membership is open to anyone who is at least 14 years of age. If you are younger than that then you cannot use the club. Young members of age 14 or 15 must attend during staff hours and attend and introductory session to learn how to use the equipment. A 16 year old must also attend this introductory session, but can train during un-staffed hours.

Safety: The good news is that the premises are watched by round-the-clock video and audio surveillance.