How to Build a Ridiculous Garage Gym for Less than $900

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Building a Gym in your garage doesn’t have to break your bank. With some shopping frugality you can put together an at home gym that will last for 10 years at the cost of a 1 year Gym membership. The first thing that you need to do when putting together your home fitness paradise is to figure out exactly what you will need. Expensive cardio equipment like exercise bikes or rowing machines go out the window when you are trying to build a budget home gym. There’s an entire world out there for you to run around in that is completely free!

There are 5 basic pieces of equipment that you will NEED to have an effective home gym. These pieces of equipment will cover all muscle groups and will give you a huge variety of different work out options.

Pull Up Bar (~ 60$ Max):

pullup bar
There’s nothing sexier than a nice back. This goes for men and women. You can purchase a standard pull up bar for 25$-30$ and splurge for the more expensive variety for 60$. As long as the pull up bar is stable and easily fits into your door it will be worth it. Pull up bars aren’t just for your back though. They are a great way to get in core workouts with toes to bar and windshield wipers (when you’re ready)

Dumb bells/Kettle bell (~ 100$ max):

dumbbells kettlebells
For men, I recommend purchasing a set of dumbbells; for women I suggest getting a kettle bell (Obviously this will depend on what each persons fitness goals are though). Both of these pieces of equipment have a huge rage of exercises that will never leave you bored with the same fitness regime.

Adjustable Bench (~ 120$ max):

adjustable bench
A basic adjustable bench is crucial. You don’t want to be doing dumbbell flies on the ground! Having a bench in your garage gym will triple that amount of available exercises that you can do in any given workout session.

Squat Stands (~ 150$):

squat stands
There is no reason to go full out and purchase a full power rack which can cost more than 1500$ by it self. Purchasing a basic, stable squat stand will triple your already vast amount of options for working out. Combined with the bench, and the olympic barbell (below) you can now do bench press, incline press, squats, overhead press, and hundreds of other different exercises.

Olympic Barbell with Weight (~ 400$ depending on how much weight you purchase):

olympic barbell
Easily the most important aspect of your home gym. The Olympic barbell will also likely be the most expensive part. Including additional bumper plates this can range up to 300$. However! The Olympic Barbell is imperative to any fitness program. Without this there is no Strong Lifts, and you immediately lose hundreds of different exercise options. If you decide to not purchase this, you may as well not purchase the Squat Stands or even the adjustable bench.

Some Extra, unnecessary but helpful equipment you may want to purchase in the future:
Large Mirrors – Important for checking proper form and admiring your gains.
Flooring – With all that weight you’ll be lifting up and down off the ground, it may be a good idea to invest in some floor protection.
Cardio Equipment – If you live in a really cold/unforgiving outside environment you may want to purchase some exercise equipment. This can get pretty expensive though.

That brings the total to just around 830$ depending on which products you decide to purchase. You can find all of these products on Amazon for much less than what I quoted above. I listed the average price of each product. With some real frugality you could easily purchase all of these products for less than 600$. If you are interested in learning about some of these more frugal options I have went ahead and gone into much more detail about which products to buy at which price points on my website about building a Garage Gym. We go into the specifics of power rack reviews, which can be a difficult trail to navigate, as well as go into all of the other products your Garage Gym will need. Thanks for reading!

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