Gyms and personal training in North Melbourne

Gym and fitness in North Melbourne

Many of Australia’s cities have a population which love to exercise and generally be fit, Melbourne is no different. Whether you want to be fit for summer and have a beach body or just feel healthy in general to improve your lifestyle, there is a solution out there for you. Since Melbourne is a big city and littered with gyms it’s not always easy to find the right gym in Melbourne for you. Obviously people with a busy lifestyle want to have a gym and fitness opportunity which is close to their home or work. That’s why this article will focus on gyms in the North Melbourne area and which one fits best to your preferences.

What gyms do we have in North Melbourne?

There are many types of gyms in North Melbourne. Obviously the traditional gyms with regular opening hours are a well known option, but for people who have an irregular working schedule these are often not very manageable to get to. The fitness industry has noticed that and adapted its offer to cater to this category of people with the 24 hour gyms which you can find all over Melbourne and Australia today. Many of the gyms offer personal training  and there is also a huge array of private personal trainers that work as freelancers in and around North Melbourne. The popular boot camp style gyms, or body make-over, are also well present in Melbourne. These are designed to produce results in short periods of time, usually under six months. Perfect for people who want to achieve their goals quickly. Some gyms are focused on a particular sport like many of the boxing gyms you can find in North Melbourne. North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness is probably the most popular one around.


Suggestions on gyms chains and fitness outlets in North Melbourne

EFM Health Clubs

EFM LogoSince they are the leading personal fitness programs in Australia they ensure you of having a personal fitness coach that works with you to achieve your goal. Not only by making a program for you to follow, but by actually actively coaching you through each and every workout. This is all included in the membership and is aimed at people who need hands-on support and motivation. It’s the same principle as a personal trainer, but it is offcourse a lot cheaper. The EFM locations for North Brisbane are: Bundoora,   Hawthorn,  North Melbourne, Parkville, Ringwood and Templestowe is a bit further North East of Melbourne.


The Underground Fitness Club

1461503_261620180653333_1889918996_nLocated at 174 Peel Street, The Underground Fitness Club is a gym with only one location which aims at providing you a personal experience. The in-house consultants and therapists can help you guide you to achieve your goals towards a better fitness. They can tailor workout and diet programs specifically for your needs and the initial consultation is free. They also offer a wide range of massage services which can complement your fitness program. It can improve muscle tone and delay muscle shrinkage caused by inactivity. Furthermore they offer personal training given by certified trainers in different sports and styles of training such as: boxing, yoga, cardio and endurance, Swiss ball training, dance classes, …



site_logoMetrobody Fitness has only one gym located at 21-23 Mary Street in North Melbourne. They provide a unique and alternative method of fitness which is arguably the most personalised in Melbourne. Being a smaller centre they focus on the individual and customize a complete fitness program for you. The program consists of exercises to encourage natural movement and guides you with your nutrition so that you can achieve your health objectives. They can even help you set out certain goals for you which are realistic and stay fun to do.



equilibrium health and fitnessEquilibrium Health and Fitness exists for over 10 years and is operative in Melbourne and they have one gym that operates in the North Melbourne area. It is conveniently located at 19 Errol Street, just a stone’s throw away from Melbourne CBD. It’s a smaller fitness chain with a local character. So the focus is more on the individual and their community than bigger chains can offer. They pride themselves in making sure their members achieve their goals by letting them have a taste of success and true motivation. They have an experienced staff which supports their members during training, whether the goal is to lose weight, gain fitness or sports conditioning or rehabilitation. They work according to three pillars: variety, facility and community.


North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness

NMBF_WebsiteLogoNorth Melbourne Boxing & Fitness is located at 64 Sutton Street, North Melbourne and close to the City Link entrance near Flemingron Road and a 2 minute walk from Macaulay train station. They have free parking available. The gym is equipped with a  matted training floor with a size of 400m², 26 retractable heavy bags, a boxing ring, loads of training equipment and weights, they also sell equipment if you’d like to buy it. Showers and lockers are provided as well for your convenience. The classes on offer are structured to teach you everything needed to compete in boxing, kickboxing & Muay Thai. They train you in technique as well as fitness and the emphasis is on calorie expenditure and fat burning so you can achieve a better health and fitness while you are learning how to box and gain strength and power. They also offer personal training or group and corporate sessions for the team building activities your company might need. They also have a boxing glove hiring service for people who can’t or don’t want to buy their own.


Maxfitt – Personal Training and Fitness

Maxfitt is a personal trainer which provides quality and affordable personal training sessions that are designed to help you achieve your goals both effectively and efficiently, whether you want to train strength, lose weight or just general fitness He is located at Lev 1, 19-23 Errol Street in North Melbourne. His sessions usually run for about 30 minutes, but they can be shorter or longer depending on your fitness goals or time. Prices and sessions lengths are negotiable with him directly.