Gyms and personal training in Brisbane CBD

Gym and fitness in Brisbane

brisbane_from_aboveThere are loads of gyms in Brisbane and that certainly doesn’t make the
choice easier for us. Compared to other cities in Australia, Brisbane also has
the most options for cheap, franchise gyms. There is a huge range of gyms on
offer for every lifestyle and budget  you can think of. When you want to train yourself consistently then the location of a gym is crucial for discipline and motivation. But since Brisbane is littered with gyms it’s not so hard to find
a local gym close to your home or work, that also fits your preferences.


What gym types do we have in Brisbane?

Many types of gyms to choose from ranging from the more fancy Health Clubs to regular low-cost gyms. Some have a normal opening hour schedule while others offer a 24 hour service for those of us who can’t go to the gym during regular hours cause of their schedule. Many gyms offer group training in the form of gym classes with regular weekly schedules. Personal training is also available in most of them, as well as freelance personal training services all across Brisbane. Some gyms are only for females , like Fernwood Fitness, or have a designated area which is only accessible to females. There are also gyms which are specially designed for a certain sport or type of fitness like a boxing or kickboxing gym, aqua aerobics and even pole dancing. Since there is such a big array of gyms to chose from competition is fierce and many of the gyms have gym deals for you to take advantage of.


Suggestions on gyms chains and fitness outlets in Brisbane

Fernwood Fitness

fernwoodThis is an example of a female only type of gym. And it’s a fairly big chain actually. They have 15 location all over Brisbane and specialize
in creating a feminine environment which can give women the confidence they need to achieve their fitness goals. They have a
welcome package in the form of an online 28 Day Breakthru, which is part of the membership. It ensures that you’ll get the guidance
you need, online and in the club, during your first month with Fernwood. The services offered include: personal training, group training, food coaching and even childcare. Next to that they offer various programs to assist you with getting in shape faster.


Club Coops

club coopsOne of the premier gyms in Brisbane, this gym eventually started out as a racquet sports gym. When it was founded in 1979 it was the first one in Brisbane. Today it had expanded it’s selection of services and it caters to all health and fitness needs. Since one of the founders, Ashley Cooper, is a former tennis player with eight grand slam titles to his name, it’s not strange that they have an accent laying on racquet sports This translates in great tennis and squash courts, tennis coaching and a tennis pro gear shop. Other than that they also have great facilities for taekwondo, a swimming pool and a gym. They also offer group classes and child minding services and are continuously adding further developments, facilities and programs to the business every year.


The Pole Gym

pole gymThis is a group of gym studios in South East Queensland that offer pole  dancing fitness. It’s a combination of dancing and fitness and last but not least they want to provide a load of fun. They offer six week courses which provide fitness, but will also teach you the basics of pole dancing, including a breakdown of the pole tricks. Their casual classes are aimed at all levels and focus on fitness in general. They don’t teach you the pole tricks in the casual classes so the focus can be on fitness and this ensures you will be moving for the whole class time which maximises your workout. They also offer private lessons or can come to a ladies night to provide entertainment.


Pure Health Clubs

pure health clubsAt Pure Health Clubs fitness goes further than training the body. They make it as much a matter of mental and spiritual fulfilment as it is a physical one. They offer truely innovative classes which can ensure a more vibrant experience to the exercise routine which can feel like a drag for a lot of people out there. They don’t offer a classical gym with weights and cardio. Everything they have on offer is given in fitness classes and there is a very wide range of different classes available. From yoga to pilates, cardio and strength classes, dance or pre and post natal classes to kids fitness, Pure has it all. Besides that they also offer personal training for the ones that need that extra boost or they can offer you training in small groups.

Fitness First


This is not a 24 hour gym but it is a franchised gym. This Brisbane gym has several locations including 3 in the Brisbane CBD.  One in Elizabeth Street, one at King George and one in the Adelaide Street. They all have a spacious classroom and excellent equipment. The cardio rooms even have big screen televisions to watch with your own ear buds. Unlike other Brisbane gyms, these gyms offers small group training in addition to large classes. Workshops, programs and personal training are available.



jets brisbaneThis 24 hour franchise gym has many locations around Brisbane, including one in the CBD on Adelaide Street. There is no contract and you get access to any Jetts when you join one. Inside you will find the standard fare of training equipment (treadmills, free weights, mats etc.) They offer a 3-day free trial to try it out.


Snap Fitnesssnap fitness

This worldwide 24 hour fitness chain has taken Australia by storm. There is Snap Fitness in the heart of the CBD. This facility features a nice gym, cardiovascular equipment and spin classes. You can try it for 7 days for free.


Anytime Fitness

This 24 hour franchise allows membership transfers. If you sign up at one, you get access to all of them. Not all franchises allow this. The Anytime Fitness on Eagle Street is spacious and well lighted with floor to ceiling windows. If you are in between gym memberships, take advantage of the many free passes to look a gym over before you buy. And have a great workout!

anytime fitness