Goodlife Health Clubs Review

If you want to lose weight, we all know that you have to eat less and workout more. And no one said it was easy. So, since it is no fun eating less, at least you can make working out lots of fun. That is, if you go to the right gym.

So, what makes a gym good to go to?

In my opinion, the first thing it needs to be is clean. Nothing is worse than exercising and sweating on equipment that you think is really dirty. You know, we have all used an exercise bike that someone has not wiped down before or the showers which are dirty and it is just simply unhygienic. So, be sure to find a gym which prides itself on cleanliness.

A gym also needs to have a wide variety of facilities. It needs to cater for different individuals, with different skills and of course, different desires. So, be sure to find a gym which can offer you a good cardio workout, good weights availability as well as a good range of other fitness programs. Maybe even a pool for an all rounded exercise regime.

Goodlife Health Clubs offers these wide range of facilities and is the perfect offering to anyone who wants to get fit. Some of their locations even have child care facilities. So you can exercise while your children are being entertained. So really, there is no excuse for not going to gym anymore.

You can also arrange to have a personal trainer work with you. This is great as a tailor-made routine can be made specifically for you. So, depending on any area of fitness you would like to improve, a set routine can be made for you.

For example, say you have an overseas holiday coming up and you wish to increase the strength in your legs, a personal trainer can devise a plan for you over a set period of time, so that you can achieve your goal.

Goodlife also offers the 12 week challenge. This is a hugely successful program where you can good to go for the transformation challenge or Fitter, Faster, Stronger challenge. Both are different challenges and depend on what you want to achieve.

But the beauty of these challenges are that you are part of a group of people who want to achieve the same goals. There are also small group training sessions and importantly, you are accountable for your actions each week. This is a great way to achieve you goals and you have issues with motivation.

The company have expanded rapidly as well into QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA, so if they are not in your area at the moment, they will most likely be arriving shortly. This is good news since they are a great health club with many facilities.

Membership Price

Goodlife prices vary from club to club, but as a guide, you will pay around $17.95 per week for a basic 12 month direct debit membership, however you can pay up to $30.45 for some lower-term contracts with additional features such as access to any location.

All in all, you won’t be disappointed with Goodlife Health clubs, so be sure to consider them on our gyms shortlist.