Gold Coast Personal Training Guide: Finding Personal Trainers on the Gold Coast

Sometimes a little boost from a one-on-one training session is what you need to get to the next level in your training or to simply get over a hump. If you are someone who has not seen gains in your workouts or you want to be challenged to lift more or run longer or are training for a particular event or test, a personal trainer can be perfect for you.

Read below on Gold Coast boot camp training classes as well as personal training options for options in your area.

Gold Coast Boot Camps

There are many boot camp options in the Gold Coast area, each with their own twist and detail.

Below are some highlights on some of the most popular boot camps in the Gold Coast area:

Health Guru Boot Camp

  • Boot camp designed for women of all ages and fitness levels
  • $10 for 10 days deal
  • Trainers are certified personal trainers
  • Typical exercises include weight training, core conditioning, boxing, calisthenics, plyometrics, circuit training, etc.

Urban Energy Gold Coast Bootcamp

  • Longest running boot camp on the Gold Coast
  • No session is ever the same
  • Twice a week in parklands around Main Beach and on beach on Fridays

Body Challenge Boot Camp

  • 3 morning group sessions and free boxing session
  • Mixed gender group and ladies group
  • Join anytime during the year for as long as you want
  • In addition to boot camp, Body Challenge offers (1) 8 week program 3 days a week, (2 ) 1 hour group boxing class, and (3) 2 Week Ladies Challenge
  • Offer free trials on request

Fit Body Boot Camp

  • Each group led by certified personal trainer
  • Located at 4/131 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210
  • Affordable due to small group setting

Gold Coast Boot Camp

Gold Coast Personal Trainers

Xtreme Results Personal Training & Nutrition

Xtreme Results’ Personal Training Facility is located in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast. Xtreme Results prides itself on its personal trainers’ knowledge and technique as compared to other personal trainers. All of its personal trainers are accomplished Australian athletes and are in tune with their clients’ individualized needs to prevent injury and attain maximum results.

Xtreme Results Personal Training Gold Coast has a six and twelve week transformation program. The six week course is for those that are looking to gain some lean mass, drop a few kilos, and/or get fit in a short amount of time. The twelve week program is for those seeking a complete body transformation and higher fitness level. Xtreme Results offers a free first class.

Chisel Fitness Personal Training

Chisel Fitness operates as a mobile personal training company all over the Gold Coast. Chisel Fitness’ personal trainers will meet you at your home, in a park, or any other suitable location.

Chisel Fitness gives a free first session to allow the personal trainer and trainee to discuss the trainee’s lifestyle and goals as well as set benchmark fitness levels. One-on-one training sessions go from $70 per session. The Health Mentoring package is $895 per month and includes a highly personalized health assessment, detox plan, consultation, eating plan, one-on-one training sessions, group training, and phone and email support.

Vision Personal Training Southport

Vision Personal Training is one of the most trusted personal training programs in all of Australia. Vision offers everyday Australians a chance at experiencing highly structured one-on-one training. Its four step Vision Experience process ensures a focused and well-planned personal training program tailored to fit your specific goals and plans. Also their Club Vision tools, cooking recipes, and other material is extremely helpful and motivational to help you during your personal training sessions. Their Vision Promise guarantees that you will achieve results or get your money back plus additional training for free.

Terrain Training Gold Coast

Terrain Training Gold Coast offers personal training services for men and women of all fitness levels. They offer one-on-one and small group settings to help you achieve your fitness goals in as short a time as possible. Terrain Training’s methods are to utilize a variety of training techniques to improve in all aspects of fitness, including strength and conditioning, endurance, and weight loss.

Fitness World Personal Training Studio

Fitness World is located on the first floor of Presley Plaza on Tedder Avenue. Their personal trainers are highly experienced and offer personalized nutrition and exercise plans as part of their personal training package. Your personal trainer will assess your body composition, posture, flexibility, and fitness level and prescribe a program that fits your needs. Your trainer will also provide you a nutrition plan to guide you through the entire training schedule and to maximize your results.

Fitness World offers one-on-one training as well as partner training, which allows you to train with another friend or family member. Personal training sessions cost $60 per half hour session. Most people commit to Fitness World’s 12-week program, but there is no formal membership period.

Priority Fitness Personal Training

Priority Fitness offers personal training sessions in their Burleigh Heads studio (Southern Gold Coast). Their Gold Coast gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients. Sessions go from 5am-8pm. In addition to personal training, Priority Fitness offers individuals small group training, semi-private personal training, and 24/7 gym/health club access.

Priority Fitness’ main selling point is its customer service. To that end, they really try to go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction. They offer a 30-day guarantee during which you can request double your money back and get reimbursed for training from one of their competitors. There are no long-term contracts, and they even allow clients to try out their personal training services for 14 days for free.

Shannon Bond Fitness Gold Coast

Shannon Bond Fitness offers customized personal training sessions and boot camp sessions. The one thing that stands out about Shannon Bond Fitness is that they offer an online personal training course which comes with customized nutrition plans, strength training programs and supplement guides for your unique needs.

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