Fitness First Gym Review: Locations & Membership Costs

Fitness First is an international franchise gym operation with headquarters in the United States. This gym is spacious and most consider it a bit above the other gyms like Jetts. This gym is not a 24 hour gym so it doesn’t make our list here.

Equipment and other facilities: The latest cardiovascular machines are available as well as the usual weight machines and kettle bells. There is a cycle studio.

What is on offer? This gym offers group classes. Personal training is available everywhere. There is a member’s lounge. A crèche is available for an extra fee. Some have pools and dance education programs for kids. Some have saunas and steam rooms. Others have a ladies only area. There are a few elite platinum clubs that require a special membership.

Opening Times: This varies by gym but they usually open a 6am and a bit later on the weekend. This is not a 24 hour gym.

Fitness First Membership Costs:

As with most gym chains, the Fitness First membership prices are not fixed. They do have a reputation for charging more than most franchise gyms.

The cheapest advertised fee starts from $29.90 and goes upwards. The fees vary from club to club and membership level and they are not posted on-line. You normally have to ask a sales agent, that is until now.

Others online in Australia have found it difficult to work out how much exactly they will end up having to pay to have a gym membership. So we thought we would help answer that question once and for all.

We have gone and done the hard work for you of finding out the current 2015 fees per club and membership option. We then sorted those in easy to view tables so you can compare your options.

Using the individual tables below you will be able to easily, and quickly, sort by the price you’ll pay per club location in each state around the country. The prices you see are broken down into the three club membership levels currently on offer: Platinum, Passport and Home.

Please note, clubs that offer the “Home” option are only available at certain locations (12 clubs in total). They are easy to find when using our tables below. There is also a premium, and exclusive, “Black Label Membership” option. This is currently only available at two locations: Fitness First George St. and Bondi Platinum.

Additional fees and costs: Yes. There is a joining fee. The average start-up fee is $75.00

Discounts and Special Offers: A free pass is available for try-before-you-buy. They also offer a student discount. Then there is the option to bargain with a sales rep if you take the time and have the guts. To learn how others have saved money use this exact tip at the end of this article. So scroll to the bottom to find out more.

How to cancel Fitness First membership: Within the first 14 days of starting a new membership (contract or pays you go) a cancellation option is possible for any reason you feel. This is called the cooling off period. However, do note that the start-up fee back is non-refundable so you will not get it back when cancelling. Beyond that you need to give a 28 day cancellation notice for current contracts.

Transferability: If your purchase the passport or platinum membership you get access to all of the clubs. However, the passport pass does not give access to the elite platinum clubs.

Hold: You can put your membership on “Time Freeze” in multiples of a fortnight. Each “Time Freeze” period must start and end on a fee payment day. You can place your membership on “Time Freeze” for up to 18 fortnights for travel or medical reasons with supporting documentation.

Age: 14. Members under 16 years of age do require adult supervision when using the facilities.

Safety: The good news is that the premises are fully supervised.

Getting started: If you wish to register then you can do so by visiting the club’s website on-line or calling your local gym.

Fitness First Locations: Fitness First currently has 68 clubs in Australia (correct as of February 2015). See below for a list of the states, suburbs and towns where you can find a Fitness First locations. There are more opening all the time, so also check their web site.

PLEASE NOTE: When looking at the columns you’ll see amounts in $ AUD. The first number will be the amount payable on the shortest contract option that is for 3-months, but is charged to your account per fortnight and not per month. The second number would be the amount payable on a 30-day pay as you go option which is payable in full upfront.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

City/TownGym LocationPlatinum MembershipPassport MembershipHome Membership
CanberraCanberra City$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
CanberraDeakin$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available

New South Wales (NSW)

City/TownGym Name & LocationPlatinum MembershipPassport MembershipHome Membership
Central CoastErina Fair$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$40.00 / $75.00
Central CoastTuggerah$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$40.00 / $75.00
Sydney CentralDarlinghurst$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney CentralKings Cross$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney CentralNewtown$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney CentralSydney CBD – Bond Street Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney CentralSydney CBD – George St Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney CentralSydney CBD – Market Street Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney CentralSydney CBD – Park Street Platinum (on King St)$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney CentralSydney CBD – The Zone Platinum (on King St)$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney Eastern SuburbsBondi (The Edge)$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney Eastern SuburbsBondi Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney Eastern SuburbsMaraoubra$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney Eastern SuburbsRandwick$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North ShoreChatswood Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney North ShoreMosman Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney North ShoreNorth Sydney – Elizabeth Plaza$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North ShoreNorth Sydney – Walker Street$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North ShoreSt Leonards$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North ShoreWilloughby Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney North WestCarlingford$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North WestCastle Hilll – Castle Towers$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North WestHornsby$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$40.00 / N/A
Sydney North WestMacquarie$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North WestNorth Ryde$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney North WestPennant Hills$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$40.00 / N/A
Sydney North WestTop Ryde Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Sydney Northern BeachesBalgowlah Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not Available$56.00 / $100.00
Sydney Northern BeachesDee Why$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney Northern BeachesMona Vale$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney SouthCronula$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney SouthMiranda$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney SouthRockdale$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$29.90 / $75.00
Sydney SouthSylvania$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney SouthWanda Platinum (Cronulla Beach)$66.00 / $125.00Not Available$50.00 / $100.00
Sydney WestAuburn$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$29.90 / $75.00
Sydney WestBankstown$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$29.90 / $75.00
Sydney WestNorth Strathfield$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Sydney WestParramatta$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$29.90 / $75.00
Sydney WestPenrith$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$40.00 / $100.00

Queensland (Qld)

City/TownGym Name & LocationPlatinum MembershipPassport MembershipHome Membership
Brisbane CentralBrisbane CBD – Adelaide St$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane CentralBrisbane CBD – Elizabeth St$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane CentralBrisbane CBD – King George Square$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane CentralFortitude Valley$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane NorthLutwyche$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane SouthCarindale$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane SouthWynnum$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane WestIndooroopilly$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Brisbane WestToowong$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Gold CoastMermaid Waters Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Gold CoastRobina$66.00 / $125.00$54.00 / $100Not Available

Victoria (Vic)

City/TownGym Name & LocationPlatinum MembershipPassport MembershipHome Membership
Melbourne CentralMelbourne CBD – Bourke Street$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne CentralMelbourne CBD – Collins Street$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne CentralMelbourne CBD – Flinders Street Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Melbourne CentralMelbourne CBD – Melbourne Central Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Melbourne CentralMelbourne CBD – QV Platinum$66.00 / $125.00Not AvailableNot Available
Melbourne EastDoncaster$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne EastGlen Waverly$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne EastKnox City$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$40.00 / $75.00
Melbourne South EastBayside$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne South EastBrighton$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne South EastMalvern Valley$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100$40.00 / $75.00
Melbourne South EastRichmond$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne South EastRichmond – Victoria Gardens$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne South EastSouth Yarra$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available
Melbourne South EastSt Kilda$66.00 / $125.00$56.00 / $100Not Available

If you are looking for any Fitness First gyms in Western Australia (WA) there are none as of 6 August 2014. All 8 locations (Balga, Cannington, Floreat, Innaloo, Myaree, Brookfield Place (Perth CBD), Murray Street (Perth CBD) and Subiaco) were sold to Ardent Leisure Ltd (ASX: AAD) for AUD$32.5M¹

How to Get a Discounted Membership

This is called the friends and family tip.

Others have used this technique with great success, saving hundreds of dollars per year on the advertised price. It might take a little time and you’ll need to be confident enough, but it is completely legit and legal. No dodgy loophole just good bargaining skills needed here.

What happens is that every Fitness First employee is given a set number of friends and family passes they can give away. These passes will give you a discounted rate on the normal price. If you don;t know someone who can give you one of these passes this is what you have to do.

Follow these steps:

  1. Call a local gym and ask to speak to a sales agent.
    (Sales agents have monthly sales targets so maybe try call close to the end of the month)
  2. Tell them you are considering switching gyms and what your current rate is.
  3. Tell them that you heard Fitness First can match this with a family and friends discount.
  4. They will likely try and play hard ball and tell you there are none available.
  5. Let them know that the only way you will sign up is if this rate can be matched, even if it means you have to sign a 12 month contract (this way you are both giving each other a trade off).
  6. If they do not put you on hold or say yes, tell them that if they could ask around with their colleagues and ring you back, you would greatly appreciate it, otherwise you will just stay at your current gym.
  7. Wait to hear their response. Others did this and were rung back the next day with the rate they wanted.

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