Top Fitness Careers in Australia

Fitness Careers are right now in demand, people are stressed with current lifestyle, wrong eating habits has led to obesity, health issues and there is an ever growing population who wish to stay healthy and fit. In this article, we will take a look at different career options in Australian Fitness Industry.

Careers in Fitness

Gym Instructor

A gym instructor or a fitness instructor leads and organizes groups. He develops programs that keep a person fit and healthy. His job is to do fitness assessment, consult and introduce new sessions for the clients. He demonstrates activities for the clients. He creates fitness training programs.

The gym instructor needs the following certification of fitness programs in order to join fitness and community facilities.

  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • SISFIT304A – Instruct and monitor fitness programs
  • SISFFIT307A – Undertake client health assessment
  • SISFFIT308A – Plan and deliver gym programs

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a fitness professional who is always with you. He finds out what exactly you want to achieve in terms of fitness levels and what do you need to achieve that goal. He uses his professional experience and information to get the most out of every workout.

There are many benefits of working with a personal trainer.

1) Individual Attention

2) Maximize your benefit and minimize your risk while training

3) Consistency

4) Training the proper way

5) Motivation

A personal trainer should have Certificate IV in fitness in order to apply for fitness and community facilities.

Fitness Specialist

Fitness specialists are specially trained professionals that provide advice and motivation to their clients. He guides and ensures that his customers are exercising according to the abilities and ages. He ensures their safety and he designs new programs according to client’s requirements. They are required to work in tandem with health and medical professionals.

A fitness specialist needs a Diploma in Fitness for applying for fitness jobs.

Business Manager

A business manager in a fitness club recruits and trains the staff. He maintains the fitness equipment and he also keeps an eye on the budget. He tries to promote and market the business. He maintains high standard of customer service.

A business manager should be a degree holder in BBA or MBA.

Aqua Instructor

Aqua Instructor is a professional who trains about aerobic exercises in water. He instructors and demonstrates different exercises and teaches about the fitness in the aquatic environment.

An aqua instructor needs the following qualifications in order to apply for a job:

  • Certificate III in the fitness
  • SISFIT304A – Instruct and monitor fitness programs
  • SISFFIT309A – Plan and deliver water based fitness activities

Aqua Trainer

Aqua Trainer can conduct exercise programs for clients on a personal basis. Personal Trainers can specialize in aqua training by completing following courses during Certification IV.

  • SISAQU307A – Allows trainer to perform advanced water rescues
  • SISFFIT422A – Allows trainer to implement aquatic activities

Older Client Trainer

An older client trainer should keep the old person active, young, fit and most of all challenged because as you get older your body stiffens up. He shouldn’t let his client lose their confidence in their physical abilities.

An older client trainer should have the following qualifications:

  • Certificate IV in fitness
  • SISFFIT314A – Plan and deliver exercise to older clients with managed conditions

Children Trainer

A child trainer conducts programs related to the early child development. They try to develop an environment to promote child’s growth. They assist the parents of the child to provide such environment or routines to the child so that he could have a positive impact on the society.

The following qualifications are required for children trainer:

  • Minimum Certificate IV in fitness
  • CHCIC301E – Interact effectively with children
  • SISFFIT313A – Plan and deliver exercise to apparently healthy children adolescents

Massage Therapist

Message therapist’s basic job is to produce relaxation in client’s muscles and improve health. During massage he observes customer’s reaction and then modifies it accordingly to produce best results.

The message therapist should obtain Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice (HLT40312).

Pilates Instructor

Pilates is a methodology designed for strengthening and stretching of the body. Pilates instructor trains the participants in moments and techniques of Pilate’s methodology. He also trains the participants of breathing patterns which help to balance the body. Pilates exercises include a long range of stretching and strengthen activities.

Pilates Classes

Following qualifications are necessary for a Pilate’s instruction

  • SIS403210 certificate IV in fitness

Yoga Instructor

The word yoga means union, it is the union of the mind and the body. The yoga instructor guides the participants about various forms of yoga and how it affects the body and the mind. He assists the participants during yoga training so that they can perform all exercises carefully. Yoga classes help the participants in achieving flexibility and can be very useful for participants recovering from injuries.

Yoga Instructor Australia

The qualifications required for Yoga instructor are as following:

  • Minimum Certificate 3 Fitness
  • SISFIT304A – Instruct and monitor fitness programs
  • SISFFIT309A – Plan and deliver group exercise sessions

Group Exercise Instructor

The group exercise instructor combines the interval of the cardio and muscle conditioning drills. He designs a variety of classes that include jump ropes, boxing drills, free weights etc. he ensures a great full body workout. Group Fitness classes are performed in sync with music like Zumba classes.

A group exercise instructor needs minimum Certificate III along with the following qualifications

  • SISFIT304A – instruct and monitor fitness programs
  • SISFFIT309A -plan and deliver group exercise sessions

Zumba Instructor

The Zumba instructor teaches the Zumba exercise classes about fitness and wellness. He assists the members during the workouts. He tries his best that the members meet their goal. The members are provided with the exercise classes by the Zumba instructor. The Zumba fitness classes generally have a atmosphere of dance party and the workout is basically watch and follow.

Zumba Instructor

Zumba Instructors can complete private certification in Pre choreographed Group Exercise to Music Instruction. Then to register with Fitness Australia they need to complete GEL Bridging certification along with Level 2 First Aid, CPR Certificate.

Cycling Instructor

A cycling instructor puts strong focus on a client exercise techniques. He provides directions to the members and guides them about safe exercises. He designs the programs that are according to the clients requirements. He has the basic function of planning, coordinating and presenting the programs to the clients.

Cycling Instructors can apply for jobs by obtaining group exercise instructor certification.

Les Mills Instructor

Phillip mills is the founder of the Les Mills international. The first of the Les Mills international program is BODY PUMP. It is the largest company of the world which provide group fitness classes of exercise to music. The basic idea behind exercise to music is that people listen to the music and they adjust their pace etc. according to the beat of the music. The Les Mills instructor trains the participants with the following important elements in his training program.

1) Choreography

2) Coaching

3) Connection

4) Fitness

Les Mills Instructor

There are currently 14 Les Mill instructor programs. Some of them are Body Attack, Body Balance, Body Combat, Body Jam, Body Step, Body Vive, RPM, CXWorx, SH’BAM, GRIT Series and Born to move series.

Les Mills Instructors can complete private certification in Pre-choreographed Group Exercise to Music Instruction. Then register with Fitness Australia by completing GEL Bridging certification along with Level 2 First Aid, CPR Certificate.

Fitness Industry Salaries

If you wish to know the salaries of various roles we have covered in this article then have a look at below images courtesy Payscale AU.

RoleAnnual Salary RangeHourly Salary RangeMedian Annual Salary
Fitness Manager/Business Manager$26,000-$70,000$17-$54$45,000
Personal Trainer$34,000-$124,000$17-$61$41,290
Fitness Instructor$32,000-$72,000$16-$35$39,663
Massage Therapist$29,000-$64,000$18-$50$31,157
Aqua Instructor$34,000-$52,000$16-$25$35,000

For Group Fitness Instructors Salary Details see the table below courtesy Ezypay Salary Survey 2013.

RoleAverage Salary (Per Hour)Highest Salary (Per Hour)Lowest Salary (Per Hour)
Group Fitness Instructor (Freestyle)$25$75Less than $15
Group Fitness Instructor (Pre-Choreographed)$40$90Less than $15
Yoga Instructor$50$70Less than $15
Pilates Instructor$50$75Less than $15

So as you can see there are limitless opportunities and roles for you if you wish to be a part of the Fitness Industry in Australia. If you have questions you can post them in comments below.

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