Essential Home Gym Equipment and Setup

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Go Big or Go Home – Your Guide for What Fitness Equipment Should Be In There and Layout

home gym setupExercise plays an integral role in keeping our bodies active and fit. This is why many find it important to spend even just a few minutes of their time engaging in different exercise activities to help them throughout the day. Many individuals go to the gym on a regular basis to burn their excess calories, fats and to shape up. It can be a very worthwhile experience and people who enrol in gym class find this to be a very good investment. Luckily, there seems to be no shortage of gyms and their services today. You can easily find one nearby in your neighbourhood. Because of their accessibility, finding one will not be that much of a problem.

Those who want to work their bodies out in a more private and secluded manner opt for a a gym inside your home instead. This allows them freedom to engage in several exercise activities in the comfort of their home with little to no pressure at all. At their own accord, they can set-up and create different exercise regimens without worrying about their subscription expiring or other related fees when enrolling in a gym class. People who don’t have the time to go to the gym are still able to get their regular dose of exercise activities with the help of home gyms. This is why you see many individuals today who have their own dedicated gym found at the confines of their homes. Here are some tips and advice with regards to a personal gym particularly if you are planning on setting one up in the near future.

 Find a Dedicated Area for Your Gym Inside Your Home

Before one decides to set-up a gym for their own, it is ideal to plan ahead and see if one has the extra room to spare. It should be noted that a dedicated room for a gym is important as this will keep most home distractions at bay. Additionally, if you have children with you in your household, having a dedicated room is a must as it can protect your children from any unwanted injuries and harm as well as preserve your gym equipment.

Speaking of distractions, children, household pets and the likes can ruin your overall exercise activity and you may need to keep them at bay. Many individuals attest that they aren’t able to continue with their exercise activity once they are interrupted as they lose their concentration and mood. Therefore, it is important to make a space that you can easily go without much interruption to help you focus more on the activities ahead. While this might be possible if you have plenty of spare room in your home, sometimes you will need to use any space that might not be idea.  For instance, without children or pets, you could set up your equipment in your living room when there is extra room to spare. Either way, setting up your gym in your home in the best space that fits your needs is the goal.

Allocate Your Budget

While most will have a budget to consider before purchasing their exercise equipment, it is essential to consider it when setting up a gym along with the layout. Your budget will dictate which equipment that you can reasonably purchase and place in your gym. Those items will have a footprint which will have to be incorporated into your layout from the beginning. I had an issue when I purchased equipment without taking that into consideration.  I failed to check if a new piece would fit. It fit but it meant that I had to cram other pieces of equipment in and that led to a lot of aggravation in my gym.  Several months later, I sold that item and returned to my former layout which is the best for my space.

On the other hand, money plays a role in the ultimate purchase of your equipment. You don’t want to be ridden in debts after setting up your gym which could lead to a plethora of other problems in your home. Additionally, you want to allocate your budget so that you do not waste the resources in it on items that you will not need. That being said, some people do not have the funds to purchase their new equipment outright. That is not a problem because there are many companies out there that will let you hire exercise equipment. Whether you are looking for a treadmill, elliptical, weight machine, you can pay a monthly fee and be operational in a short period of time. I’m not going to debate the pros and cons in this article but what it comes down to is what you have available to make the gym inside your home a reality.

 Find the Necessary Gym Equipment

Of course, one cannot say they have a gym in their home unless one has the necessary fitness equipment to perform their exercise activities. There is a plethora of equipment on the market today with new things showing on the market on a daily basis. The beauty is that you can find, evaluate and learn about all these pieces of equipment online to determine what is going to work best in your gym. Many online websites offer detailed information about their products including comparison shopping services. Moreover, you will be able to find videos on what types of exercises each piece can provide and based upon these features you can avoid buying equipment that is totally irrelevant to your interests or “problem areas”. It should also be noted that people have different capacities, limitations, preferences and likes with regards to exercise activities, making some gym equipment work for others while show little to benefit to some. A simple run down of the gym equipment available today can help you with your decision.  Listed below are some of the noteworthy examples.

 Start with the Basics

You might want to start with the basic everyday equipment. If you have just recently started setting up a gym of your own, it is recommended to buy only the equipment that you know you’ll use often to avoid wasting time and resources from gathering them up. If one buys too much home gym equipment, it might end up collecting dust on a shelf instead of being utilised. Keep in mind that this is a fluid process that needs constant evaluation. You should be incorporating additional pieces of equipment as your body “tells” you that you need more rigorous and demanding training.  Here are some examples of everyday gym equipment that should find its way into your gym.

  • Dumbbells and Barbells – these are one of the most basic and widely known pieces of fitness equipment today Weights and Dumbbellsmaking it very easy to find. It might seem easy to workout with dumbbells but they do require some training to make sure you are providing the maximum benefit in your workout activities.

The beauty of dumbbells is that they are relatively cost efficient and take up only a small footprint in your home compared to other gym equipment found today. Additionally, they provide great portability and provide a huge range of exercise activities. Once the workout is complete storing them is a snap because of their size.

A close cousin of the dumbbell is the barbell.  They offer heavier and a more rigorous exercise but do require more space accommodations.  They are a nice compliment to your gym because they allow you to perform exercises which cannot be adequately performed with dumbbells alone.

One thing that should be noted is that it might be most cost efficient to purchase your dumbbells and barbells locally.  The reasoning is that they are very heavy to ship which adds to the overall cost and could deplete your budgeted amount.

  • Exercise Ball – another relatively compact but essential piece of equipment that should find its way into your gym.  They are also known as a stability ball and are constructed with soft elastic and filled with air.  They are inexpensive and do not take up a tremendous amount of space but do offer robust workout opportunities.   Most often used in physical therapy, the exercise ball has also gained popularity as many gym owners use them for athletic training and exercise. Storage and set-up is also not a problem as they can be used right away after inflating them. These stability balls focus on core exercises and can really provide excellent workouts.  Strangely, some people use them as chairs within their homes to work on core stabilisation while eating or watching television.
  • Resistance Bands – another noteworthy addition to your home exercise equipment is resistance bands.  They look like two hand holds with a big coloured rubber band in between.  These bands offer a variety of exercises that can focus on an entire body workout.  Whether you want to work arms, legs, back or shoulders, these resistance bands can do it all.  Moreover, resistance bands are used to increase your range of motion and consistently are used by physical therapists to assist patients.  While some people will write them off as a waste of money, resistance bands should not be taken for granted as this can be a very good addition to any strength training routine. Moreover, their size makes them very portable and storing them in your home is very easy to do.
  • Suspension System – This is a relatively new product on the market.  Some have product names like TRX and SKLZ.  These suspension systems will allow you to do a variety of exercises which utilise your body weight for resistance.  Additionally, these systems will work a lot of the stabilisation muscles which do not get always get the workout that is needed.  With these systems, you can perform virtually any movement that some people shell out a lot of money for.  You can do presses, extensions, rows, squats, just to name a few.

The beauty is that suspension systems is that they do not require too much room to use and they take about as much space as the resistance bands to keep stored.   The great part of about these systems is the cost.  You can spend the $100+ to buy a name brand or you can make a simple system that can do the same thing for under $30.

Now that we have the more basic home gym equipment discussed, let us proceed with the bigger and more space hungry equipment that can truly make your gym something of envy among your friends and relatives.

  •  Treadmills – one of the most popular pieces to compliment the gym in your home. This offers straightforward and efficient aerobic exercise.  You have the option to either run or walk on the treadmill with some of the current treadmills capable of keeping track of your workout and making recommendations on how to increase performance.  A treadmill is mostly favoured by many individuals because they are fairly easy to use. Users can control the speed of the treadmill to help them adjust their home workout routine depending on their needs.  While they might be out of your budget, as discussed above, you have the opportunity to rent treadmills instead of outright purchase which might make their use in your gym more palatable.
  • Stationary Bike – stationary or exercise bikes can also be a worthy addition to your home exercise equipment. If you prefer riding a bicycle instead of walking, an exercise bike can be a very good alternative to treadmills. Sitting down does feel more comfortable than standing and walking and can encourage you to remain exercising longer.  These exercise bikes come in several different varieties but the most common are the upright bike and the recumbent exercise bike.  Each has their advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed here.  Furthermore, it is important to note that while exercising on a stationary bike, you can multi task.  Riding for an hour and allow you to exercise and talk on the telephone, watch television or just get lost in some of the best tunes on your IPod.
  • Indoor Rower – a rowing machine is another piece of equipment that you should take into consideration when setting up you gym.   It might be surprising, but rowing can provide some of the most intense workouts because they work out the entire body if done properly. While some professionals will add these to their gym to prepare for competitions when the weather is not cooperating, they can also get people fit in a very short period of time.  The beauty of these machines is that they exert force on both the upper and lower body.  The abdominal muscles, back, arms, chest, legs and buttocks get a good dose of activity with the help of a rowing machine.

Additionally, they burn a tremendous amount of calories and work in favour or weight loss management.  A final benefit of rowing machines is that they are considered very low impact equipment.  This provides for very little stress that impacts your body.  This makes it a perfect workout machine for all ages and fitness level. The young and the elderly can make good use of indoor rowers.

 Add Personal Touches for Your Gym

Trainer JobAfter you decide what fitness equipment you want to add to your gym, you can further improve its looks and appearance by a doing a little redesign. These redesigns can add the pizzazz that encourages you to start working out or work out on a regular basis.

  • Mirrors – Gyms have a set of mirrors attached all over their place and this is quite essential as this help one see that one is exercising with correct technique and form.  Additionally, the mirrors can show you visually the milestones that you have made from your workouts.  The beauty of it is that you get to decide how many mirrors to add.  You could start out with one small one and slowly expand as your comfort level increase.
  • Televisions and Music- As mentioned earlier, engaging in exercise activities on a regular basis can be a bit boring and tedious. Taking part in the same activities on a repeated basis can become quite monotonous and dull. This makes many individuals decide to not proceed and continue with their planned gym activity. With that said, many home gym owners were able to enjoy their workout routine by adding the much needed recreational activity. Adding a flat screen TV in your gym area can add to the overall fun and enjoyment making your workout a very worthwhile experience. Additionally, adding Bluetooth speakers and an IPod can also keep your spirits high. Perhaps adding a sound system in your gym will keep you pumped up and highly motivated.
  • Floor Covering – Several gym exercise activities are done on flat surface on your floor. Make sure that your  gym’s floor is fitted for comfort and relaxation as you may need to lie down on a few occasions. You don’t want to experience any discomfort while lying on the floor. Bruises can be gained if your floor has rough surfaces. Adding a carpet can let you engage in exercise activities with little to no worries about your floor condition. If having a carpeted floor is too much of an expense, you can choose to purchase a floor rug or rubber interconnecting floor-covering or floor mat instead.

Now that you have all the equipment that you might need to fulfil your needs for your personal home fitness centre, we now provide you with some other helpful tips that will make sure it is a true success and save some money.  Some people will glaze over a lot of these ideas and not put thought into them until it is too late.  These ideas will just open your eyes to things to be aware of during the process.

Don’t Add Too Much Stuff

We mentioned a lot of additions one can outfit to your potential the gym in your home. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions and one is not required to purchase all of this stuff. Your gym’s space is important and you need to have plenty of it to let you able to feel comfortable and not enclose yourself with too much exercise equipment. Others who outfit their home gym with too much equipment end up making a personal storage place instead. This not only wastes time and resources but also your valuable space. However, if you have the extra space to fill and you feel at ease to add more stuff for your gym, then proceed as planned. This is your overall experience and not from the others after all.

On a different note, people will start off with a nice clean gym.  The layout will be ideal and the workouts will continue.  Then the dreaded first “non-gym” item shows up in the gym area.  It could be as innocent as a couple of kid’s toys.  Next thing you know there is a Chia Pet and an inverted tomato plant.  Before you realise it, the gym area now looks like a more lived in version than you living room.  Needless to say, the gym now is not truly an area that is focused on a place where you can work out without distractions.  It has been welcomed back into the fold as just another room in your home.

Look for Gym Equipment Online

With the help of modern technology, it is now quite easy to purchase gym equipment at any given time. Many stores today have integrated their services online, allowing for easy access and convenience to their customers. The same can be said with stores that offer gym equipment as most of them have their respective websites available for viewing for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This makes the purchasing process less time consuming as there is no need to travel to different destinations just to purchase home gym equipment. This cuts time by half as customers are able to save a considerable amount of resources in the process.  Gym equipment bought online usually offer free shipping to your doorstep and set-up as part of the purchase.  This give you extra time to prepare your body and mind in advance while you wait for your items to arrive.

Double Check Purchased Gym Equipment

Always look for trusted and recognised brands when planning on purchasing gym equipment on your own. This is because gym equipment can cost a considerable amount of money and you can end up wasting a ton of it if you purchase defective and malfunctioning equipment. There are plenty of “knock off” products on the market that appear to look great but will make you feel ripped off after it makes it to your door.

Additionally, your health should also be one of your primary concerns because defective gym equipment can cause unwanted injuries and harm as well as unsatisfactory results. One can end up spending more resources on hospital fees and the likes. Warranties and free accessories can really help and having one reassures the customer about their purchase. Make sure you look for such deals during your transactions.

Make Good Use of Your Gym

Equipment for a gym tends to last a long span of time.  They can still be in fully working condition even after a decade or two.  The current items generally will stay this way with minimal amounts of maintenance; hence, this is why fitness equipment is considered to be a very good investment.  That being said, it is good practice to set a schedule to ensure that your equipment is in good condition at all times.  Obviously, there are different levels of service for the equipment that we discussed earlier.  For instance, dumbbells and barbells rarely need maintenance but do require you to make sure that they are tight and not loosening up.  On the flip side are the machines that might require more time and maintenance.  Normally, manufacturers will setup a maintenance schedule that can be easily followed.  These pieces of equipment are similar to cars in that as long as you maintain them as recommended, they can provide years and years of worthy service.  This is turn will ensure that your goal of keeping active and fit will be maintained.


As you can see, it is very possible to have a worthwhile gym inside your home.  With the purchase of the equipment, a nicely organised place in your home and some music and you are ready to go.  Now you have the ability to work out without the need to waste so much time travelling to the health club.  The big question is where you go from here.  Well it is pretty simple!  Recognise that you will need to just start the workout process.  Also, take advantage of your opportunity and enjoy the workouts within your home so you can start changing your life.

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