Equilibrium Health & Fitness Review, Costs, Locations & Information

equilibrium health and fitnessEquilibrium Health and Fitness exists for over 10 years and is operative in Melbourne. Their pride is in making sure their members achieve their goals. Success and motivation is being given by experienced staff which supports and encourages their members during their training, whether it is weight loss, fitness level improvements, sports conditioning or rehabilitation. Their focus lies on three pillars that help people commit to their health and fitness plan, which are: Variety of training, their facilities and their community. Since it’s a smaller group of fitness centers, with a local character, their focus is more on the individual and the community than what is the case with bigger chains.

Equilibrium Fitness Locations

The Equilibrium Health Clubs are a chain of local gyms that are all based in the north-east of Melbourne, Victoria Australia. They have branches in the Doncaster East, Donvale, Templestowe and Warrandyte areas.

View the locations on google maps here.

Equipment and other facilities

They offer state of the art facilities and cater to all ages.  They are providing a relaxed and sociable environment which is encouraging family and/or friends to train together or in a group training session. The equipment and facilities include a fully equipped gym, a group exercise studio, change rooms, a cycle studio, a consultation room and  myo physiotherapy.
All equipment is in outstanding condition and is being taken good care of and cleaned regularly.


What is on offer?

Spin-ClassYou can find something for everyone at Equilibrium. Their way of motivating people to reach certain goals is to let you take a broad variety of fitness types so that you can keep on track and reach your goals. First of all they offer personal training with dedicated personal training staff who are there for those members that may require personal coaching so they can reach their specific goals. Whatever your goals may be, their passion for fitness and assisting you will help you reach the goals set out in advance. The personal coaches can also help you with that so that you can tailor a realistic and manageable program. Besides personal training they also offer group training and fitness classes.  For the group training they offer in house body transformation classes which are boot-camp style and take place at the gym itself. It is designed for members who are seeking rapid fat loss and it’s a program that is suited to all fitness levels and is fun and most importantly it shows results. They claim that members who participate and commit are able to lose 4% body fat in just 10 weeks. And lastly they also provide Fitness Classes ranging from the popular ‘Les Mills’ classes included in their full memberships to Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Body Pump classes and many more. These are also perfect to people who find training alone a bit boring and want to make new friends while getting fit. They have highly trained staff in the field of health or applied science who are happy to share their knowledge and give support to the community. The members share a passion for reaching their goals and keeping each other motivated.


Opening Times:

Open 7 days a week

Mon–Thurs:                   5:30am– 10pm

Fri:                                    5:30am – 8pm

Sat:                                   8am–6pm

Sun:                                  9am–6pm


Membership Cost and Prices:

FacilitiesThe Re-Creation Health Club costs varies from one club to another and they also have regular sales on offer. They work with weekly fees and they have price promotions for low incomes and teenagers. These start at $20 for adults ($17 for low incomes) and go down to $15 for teenagers. They also give you the possibility to pay upfront for a 12 month contract which can obviously save you money. They start around $899 for adults ($799 for low incomes) and go down to $699 for teenagers. They also have the option to get a 12 month weekender contract at $399. You can also pay for a single visit or buy a 10- or 20-visit card. But again these prices may vary from club to club since each club has a different owner who may have slightly different rules, prices or promotions. Some clubs also offer reductions on casual visits for guests who are invited by members.

Additional fees and costs: To become a member some of the clubs will let you pay a one-time membership fee which is usually between $49 and $69. Others don’t use this membership fees and make it really easy to join their gym. The Carnegie branch for example has no joining fee, Admin fee, processing fee, cancellation fee or exit fee.

How to cancel your membership: At some of the branches you have a 14 day guarantee which gives you the right to cancel your membership at no cost, while after that period you don’t get the membership fee refunded. Others will not even have a membership fee so that makes it really easy for you.

Where can you use your membership? Since the branches are all individually owned and priced you can’t use your membership of one branch to go to the other. But since they are all Melbourne based anyway this should not be a problem.

YogaIs there an age limit? Membership is open to anyone who is at least eighteen years of age. If you are younger than that then you cannot use the club.

Safety? Safety is ensured by camera surveillance.

Can you try the facilities for free and are there any special offers? Every different franchise has different offers and free services. It’s up to you to contact them or have a look at the website of the branch in your area to see what they are offering.

How to get started?: You can register through the website of your local Re-Creation Health Club or by simply giving them a call or pass by the gym. It’s also very important to make sure you read all of the information on the contract thorough so you won’t be getting any unwanted surprises after signing up.