Crunch Gym: A Local Establishment for Fitness Fanatics

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Everybody at some point in their life has woken up, taken a good look in the mirror, and not liked what they have seen. Even the most popular models in the world have moments of down time, where they reflect poorly on themselves and are their worst critics, the very last thing that we need is for somebody else to highlight our weaknesses, and of course most of us aren’t super models.

Four beautiful woman exercising in the gym with dumbbellAt Crunch Fitness, they pride themselves on being open and accommodating for people who are looking to better themselves. The “Original No Judgments Gym”, the Crunch knows why you are working out, it’s not a social bargaining chip to gloat about your looks, it’s because you want to take care of yourself and improve upon where you are at. No glares of disapproval, no snickers and jests, and they do their best to make sure their diverse community knows to be accepting and understanding of one another, regardless of their goals.

Expanding upon this, they know how to make a new member feel right at home. With tons of trainers on staff, whom you can outreach with, they have a level of expertise that you won’t often find in the business. They combine this with an approachable, friendly atmosphere, so not only do you know that you have the resources available, you will actually find the motivation to ask!

Crunch Fitness Overview: What You Can Expect at a Crunch Fitness Gym Near You

Times of yesteryear are changing, when you would walk into a gym and everybody would have to share a single weight bench, squat rack, and you’d joust for position over the exercise bikes. Although it is quite common to see most gym equipment completely stocked and easily accessible across most of the industry now, Crunch fitness takes this one step further and you will simply be overloaded with options. The only issue you will have is deciding on what to do!

Every fitness center comes with an incredible 1,800 square meters of robust space. No crowding, not standing in lines, no unsafe workout conditions. You get what you pay for and then some.

There are 86 pieces of cardio equipment alone located in every establishment. That doesn’t even include all of the free weights, machines, and accessories generously located throughout.

Resistance equipment and free weights are easily available throughout every nook and cranny. This is the area that most gyms skimp on because these machines and products are often expensive and the vast majority of patrons usually stick to cardio. However, to accommodate even the muscle heads they are quick to increase their supply line of muscle building equipment as well, and the number they have on stock is quite plentiful.

Almost every effective gizmo and gadget ever produced is located within the gym. There is a TRX, kettlebells, Olympic rings, boxing bags, resistance straps, and exercise balls literally littered throughout.

For the power lifters, there is an Olympic lifting platform for heavy duty muscle building, and four squat racks to work out quads and the upper back muscles

If working alone doesn’t suit you, and you like the idea of working with others and with some assistance, classes are in no short supply. They offer over 60 group fitness classes in a week(that’s almost 9 a day), with availabilities and times which are flexible so that almost everybody can make them.

Finally, luxury lockers and changing amenities are available for those who don’t want to have to go home a stinking mess.

Crunch Fitness Classes, Where Everyone is Welcome!Classes at the Crunch

Crunch Fitness offers a ridiculous number of classes, of all kinds, with their “Fitness Studio” pass. This includes traditional Yoga classes, dance, P90X like classes, and action sports. Here is a rundown

360 Warrior: The perfect combination of cardio and strength training, 360 warrior is designed to give a total body workout using strength equipment and free weights such as kettlebells and medicine balls. Definitely should interest the crossfit crowd.

Adrenaline: Adrenaline is a straight endurance workout with HIIT in mind. It is designed to raise your lung capacity with high intensity workouts, and will tone you up in no time.

YogaBelly Dancing: Ever have the desire to belly dance? These classes are extremely fun, and you won’t be able to find them except for a few scattered place.

Burlesque Dolls: Do you like the movie dirty dancing? Want to bust out a Patrick Swayze like move on the dance floor? This is the class for you

Hip Hop: Grind it down or learn an easy to follow dance routine in this perfectly choreographed class which should get you out onto the dance floor busting moves in no time.

Yoga: Too many! Yoga classes include groove yoga, happy hour hatha, stretch types, palates, and more!

Chisel It: These are classes designed to increase range of motion, and burn calories at the same time. Sort of a yoga/p90x hybrid with dabs of plyometrics, this class should give you an introduction to a new style of working out!

Crunch Fitness Gyms Near You

Always expanding, there are already a nice sized chain of 6 fitness centers open locally, including clubs at Chatswood, Parramatta, Bankstown, Liverpool, Rockdale, and Mortdale. Each of their centers is also strategically located near areas of local commerce, they know that most people are very busy and have to multi-task, so they make this easy for you to do while also being centrally located as well, near most major suburbs.

 Times and Availabilities for Crunch Fitness Gym Memberships

Not often the case with most fitness centers, Crunch is open 7 days a week, with accommodating hours which are designed to be flexible for people from all walks of life. Availability is consistent throughout the region, although times may vary depending on holidays and the different working structure of the community, you should be able to definitely get into a gym during these times.

Mon-Thurs | 6am-10pm

Friday | 6am-9pm


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