Canberra Personal Training Guide: Finding Personal Trainers in Canberra

Whether you are looking for a one-on-one trainer to tailor a specific nutrition and exercise plan or you are looking for a small group setting where you can work with others to achieve your fitness goals, there is no shortage of personalized fitness options available in Canberra.

Read below on Canberra boot camp training classes as well as personal training options.

Canberra Boot Camps

There are many different boot camps in Canberra. Fitness boot camps are group training sessions that are typically held outdoors and designed to increase your overall fitness through challenging and fun exercises.

Below are some highlights on some of the most popular boot camps in and around Canberra:

Succeed Boot Camp Canberra

  • AM Sessions: Mon/Wed/Fri 6am–7am & Sat 8:30am/PM Sessions: Tues/Thurs 6:30-7:30pm
  • Cost is $45/week for new students and $35/week for renewals; $15/session if not a member
  • Contact or call 0487 223 322 to book

Battle Camp Fitness Boot Camp

  • Free trial week
  • 7 different packages starting from Starter Pack ($150) to Platinum Pack ($199) or $14/session
  • Meets in Gungahlin, Belconnen, Parkes/Inner South, Weston/Woden, Tuggeranong

Body to Burn Boot Camp Challenge

  • Typical session may involve running, skipping, push ups, sit ups, boxing, and drills
  • Meets at Lake Burley Griffin at 6-7am (Mon, Wed, Fri) and 6-7pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs)

Define Fitness Boot Camp Canberra

  • Two formats: All Rounder & Tough Enough
  • All Rounder is for those who want to lose some weight and increase overall fitness; led by personal trainers
  • Tough Enough is for exercise enthusiasts and utilizes heavy equipment and weight training
  • $59/month direct debit


Canberra Personal Training Options

Canberra Personal Trainer

PT2U Personal Trainers

PT2U personal trainers are based in Canberra and offer a variety of training services tailored to your needs, whether corporate sessions, weight training, rehabbing, pre/post natal training, or boot camps.

PT2U’s personal training sessions are designed for fat loss/weight loss, increased cardiovascular fitness, increased energy, strength and endurance. Their training sessions are personalized according to your needs and goals. Each session includes one-on-one training with one of PT2U’s qualified trainers. In addition to your regular sessions, your personal trainer will be a resource for you in terms of nutritional advice and personal advice on how to improve in all aspects of your life to improve your physique and work towards your fitness goals.

PT2U Personal Trainers Location

The Canberra Personal Training studio is located in Mitchell. The studio is a private area and not a gym, so you will have personal attention from your trainer.

Battle Camp Fitness Personal Training

Battle Camp Fitness is known more for their boot camp, but they also have personal training packages for those that want more one-on-one training time. Each 50-minute session is led by a Battle Camp Fitness personal trainer.

Battle Camp Fitness Personal Training Locations & Pricing

Battle Camp’s personal training packages are unique because they are broken down according to what your perceived needs and goals are. They have seven different categories tailored to specific areas:

Fat Burn/Strength & Endurance/Muscular Tone

This training is designed to reduce body fat fast, increase endurance, and tone your muscles. You will use resistance and weights in combination with exercises specifically designed to blast fat and tone muscles as fast as possible. Each session is maximum intensity and you will burn 550-600 calories.

Core & Flexibility

This training package is designed to increase overall flexibility, posture, balance, and strengthen your core. Each session will involve pilates and yoga stretches and moves to make sure you tighten your midsection.

Strength & Power/Power Lifting

The Strength & Power training session is designed for those that want to hit the weights hard and increase their overall strength. Each session targets a specific body part/parts and then utilizes weight lifting that isolates the targeted muscles. The Strength & Power package is extremely challenging and one can expect to burn about 700-800 calories per session. If you want a challenge, this is for you.

Upper/Lower Body Sculpting/Hypertrophy

This training session is designed to achieve the body you desire. By focusing each exercise and session around your desired physique, your workouts will be closely tailored to help you achieve your goals. You will burn about 400-450 calories per session.

Sprint/Anaerobic Training

This training is designed specifically for those looking to improve their sprint speed, leg power and endurance, as well as overall fitness. You will work one-on-one with your trainer to improve your foot speed by using methods such as 1 EF Sprint, Fartleck, Intervals, and Chute Training.

Middle to Long Distance Running

This course is for those looking to take part in a marathon or other long distance running event. You will work with your trainer to increase your range and personal bests.

Service Entry/Specific Barrier Testing (MSSBT) Fire, Police, Military

This course is for those who want to join a profession or military service that requires some sort of fitness test for entry. The personal training is tailored to your specific test and will help you build confidence and ability in order to crush the test on your first try. Battle Camp’s MSSBT training currently has a 100% success rate for participants, so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with your personal trainer.

Pricing is $80 for one 50-minute session and $680 for ten 50-minute sessions. Battle Camp recommends people to enroll in its Battle Camp boot camp in addition to any personal training sessions.

Vision Personal Training

Vision Personal Training is one of the most popular personal training options in Canberra and all of Australia. Vision offers both group training and individual training depending on your needs. Vision distinguishes themselves from other training programs based on their Vision Experience Program, which focuses on your emotion, education, eating, and exercise to create a holistic approach towards your fitness.

Also, their money-back guarantee is unparalleled. Not only will they give you back your money if you do not achieve your agreed upon results at the end of your 9-week training program, but they will also give you free training until you do meet your goals.

Their one-on-one training is tailored to your needs, pace, and goals. In addition, Vision’s dedicated personal trainer will give you a personalized eating and exercise plan tailored to your lifestyle, body type, goals, etc.

Vision Personal Training Locations and Cost

Each Vision Studio Facility has a variety of strength and fitness equipment in an uncrowded and comfortable room. These are not your typical get-in-a-set-while-you-can gyms where you are constantly bumping shoulders with people working out next to you. Instead, each facility has dedicated stretching areas, resistance training equipment, cardio equipment, and shower/change facilities in order to make your personal training session efficient and comfortable.

You can locate a personal training studio near you here.

Vision tailors their personal training according to your goals and the timeline you are working with. Thus, the cost for your personal training sessions will depend based on these factors.

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