Brisbane Personal Training Guide: Finding Personal Trainers in Brisbane

Hiring a personal trainer need not be a stressful process. Gone are the days where personal trainers are reserved for the rich and famous only while the rest of us need to claw and fight for that one bench in the weight room.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best personal trainer:

  1. Budget: Consider first your budget as prices vary widely from one PT to another. Prices can be anywhere from $20-$100+ per session. PTs may also offer discounts for small groups or partner training, etc.
  2. Schedule: Also, don’t forget about your schedule and the amount of free time you have available to meet on a regular basis. Establishing a routine is critical when it comes to working out and working towards a specific goal.
  3. Location: Do you want your PT to come to your house or would you prefer to meet at a gym or health club nearby? Whatever the location, ensure that you have plenty of space to complete your sessions without impediment.
  4. Background: Think of yourself as a hiring manager hiring a new employee. Remember, you are paying good money for this PT, so make sure they have all the educational qualifications necessary and that they have the requisite experience to facilitate a fun, safe, and rewarding time.
  5. Be Reasonable: Rome was not built in a day…and well your body transformation won’t be either. Remember that this is a long term process and not a one-day makeover. Work with your PT to establish reasonable goals and decide on a plan of action to get to where you want to get to.

Continue reading below for boot camps in Brisbane as well as reviews of many of the top personal trainers in Brisbane.

Brisbane Boot Camps

Personal Trainer Brisbane

Brisbane Boot Camps

  • Meets at 5 different locations across Brisbane
  • Sessions are 45+ minutes with a warmup
  • Drop-in session is $15 at the session, Silver is $27 per week for any 2 sessions, Gold is $37 per week for unlimited sessions

Brisbane Boot Camp for Women

  • Dedicated boot camp for women only
  • Free first session
  • Meets at 2 locations: Roma Street Parkland and Lanham Park
  • Holistic approach modeled around nutrition, exercise, education, and mind set

Seriously Fit Boot Camp

  • Perfect for those of all fitness levels
  • Head trainer is a certified rehabilitation expert of 10 years
  • No long-term contracts
  • 2-week unlimited starter package for $25, 6-session pack for $90, or unlimited sessions for $39/week

Super Fit Boot Camp Brisbane

  • Takes place in Carpark adjacent David Ave
  • Meets for 3x/week
  • Singles: $219/person; Couples: $209/person; Family: $199/person
  • Co-ed and women only boot camps available

Fitness Fernwood Military Miss Boot Camp

  • 12 locations throughout Brisbane
  • High intensity cardiovascular and body toning exercises
  • Many satisfied clients


Brisbane Personal Trainers

Fitness First Brisbane

Fitness First Brisbane is one of the most popular personal training options in Brisbane. A Fitness First PT will give you a BioAge assessment to figure out your body’s metabolism, physical fitness, and behavioral traits.

Fitness First has affordable and flexible prices based on your needs and goals. They have modern facilities with innovative equipment and access to the latest cardio, weight training, and functional training machines.

Fitness First offers a 3, 12, and 18 month contract option or a Pay As You Go option for those looking for a shorter commitment period. As one of the most well-established gyms in Brisbane, the personal trainers at Fitness First are high quality and will certainly help you achieve the fitness goals you set in place.

Vision Personal Training Brisbane

Vision Personal Training is another well-established gym that really tries to focus on the customer experience above all else. They give you an unparalleled 9-week money back guarantee and provide a personalized nutrition and exercise plan in accordance with your body type, composition, habits, and lifestyle. Vision is a very well-organized and well-run personal training option.

Zenergy Group Personal Training

Zenergy’s fitness facility on Newmarket Road is top-notch and boasts an equally qualified personal trainer team. The personal trainers are led by exercise physiologist Tony Hebrard, who thought out and built the personal training system at Zenergy. Zenergy boasts a retention time of 5 years on average for their PT to client relationships. In addition, Zenergy makes their PTs perform a quarterly fitness test to make sure each PT is at the highest fitness level necessary to get you to the top!

Raw Fitness & Conditioning

Raw Fitness & Conditioning prides themselves on getting back to the basics of good old fashioned training. They offer one-on-one services at a time that is convenient for you and help you achieve your fitness goals, whether that is to lose weight, put on lean muscle mass, improve balance/posture/flexibility, strengthen your core, etc. Raw Fitness also offers a small personal training group for those looking to minimize the costs of a personal trainer, but still have plenty of face time with their trainers. They also have a general group circuit training and cardio training course for those that want to work on improving their overall fitness.

Olympia Personal Trainers

Olympia PTs offer their PT services to people of all skill levels, whether beginners looking to form a structured workout plan or experienced bodybuilders prepping themselves for an upcoming competition. The founder, Cleo Brown, is a former Ms. Fitness Universe winner, so you know that she knows her stuff.


RAWNRG personal trainers focus on individual client needs to enable each person to meet their specific goals. They employ a no-nonsense approach to fitness to make sure your training is realistic and your goals are met without hindrance. They utilize strength training, cardio, and nutritional advice to put together a holistic plan that works for you. In addition to their personal training, RawNRG offers group training, KAOS training, and military fitness training. A lot of people have great things to say about Mick George from RawNRG and his attentiveness to each and every client.

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