The Best Weight Loss Shakes: Protein powder weight loss

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What are the best weight loss shakes for you?

When you are trying to lose weight one of the best and most convenient methods you can use is to exchange one of your normal meals for a replacement drink.

The benefits of a meal replacement drink is that they are easy to prepare, you can carry them around anywhere with you and they only require a mix, stir and shake and they are ready. These drinks are full of nutrients, which are essential for health when losing weight.

They are also often much lower in calories than the food you may have been tempted to eat before.

The best weight loss shakes are those high in protein. Protein which has the same amount of calories as carbohydrates and more than half that of fat keeps you fuller longer.

Therefore, drinking one of these shakes you will be getting all the benefits of the protein, with less than the calories of a full meal which is perfect for a fat loss diet plan.

healthy and tasty green weight loss shake

There are other types of shakes like “green shakes” which contain vegetables such as kale, celery and cucumber and although these drinks can be filling and full of important phytonutrients and vitamins, they lack the high protein which as discussed previously keeps you fuller for longer.

Most high protein replacement drinks are made from dairy and living in Australia we have some of the best quality dairy in the world (don’t tell New Zealanders that).

Therefore, buying a locally produced item as well as being the healthier choice can also support our local farmers.

What is the best protein powder for weight loss?

By far the best shakes and results come from whey protein weight loss. The high protein and low calories you get from the whey help your body keep a hold of that precious “fat burning” muscle, whilst being low calorie enough to help strip away unwanted body fat weight.

Whey protein powder supplements also contains all of the essential amino acids, so you will be getting a complete protein to help your body run at it’s best performance.

This will especially be of benefit, if you are combining meal replacements with a good exercise program.

Whey protein comes in 2 types:

chocolate whey protein powderWhey protein concentrate (WPC) – slightly cheaper, but a bit higher in lactose)

Whey protein isolate (WPI) – a much more purified protein although costs a bit extra.

Although protein powder weight loss is very effective it can be over used. We recommend only replacing one meal a day. By doing this, you reduce calories without much change to your lifestyle.

IF you go in too hard, you’ll feel hungry and tired and not much like exercising.

A couple of good Aussie brands of whey protein include:

musashi whey proteinMusashi – a quality Australia protein powers that can be found at your local supermarkets or at any good health food store.

aussie bosies whey proteinAussie Bodies – another Australian protein powder company that can be found in all the same places as Musashi.

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