What is the Best Gym in North Sydney for Your Fitness Needs?

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Being active and fit is considered very important these days, which is a good thing. But, with all the daily activities that a working woman/man has every day, it is important to choose the right gym and the right type of fitness routine to achieve two most important goals: to become-and to stay- fit, and to prevent injury along the way.

cardio work outChoosing the right gym in North Sydney

There are numerous excellent gyms in the North Sydney area. When choosing the one that fits your needs best, you should have in mind several factors, working hours, equipment and trainers being the most important ones. We shall discuss this further in text, but let us just mention few great gyms in North Sydney!

  • Unity Gym
  • Iron Grip Gym
  • Vision Personal Training North Sydney

These are the gyms that can satisfy your training needs with all the previously mentioned factors in mind, and you just have to choose the one with the location that is most suitable for you personally.

Now, let us discuss further what you have to have in mind in order to exercise properly to get in the best shape of your life-and to stay fit and healthy!

Choosing the Right Fitness Activity For You

Most people aim for the general fitness. Goals in this type of fitness are to loose few pounds, to improve your body tone and to increase strength. In order to achieve these most often fitness goals, you should train with trainer who will help ypu to get the most from every exercise. Trainer will help you choose the proper weight so that you can do 12-15 reps in one series, and will follow you train in order to change the weight you lift, if he estimates it should be done.

Professional weight lifters traditionally use different techniques to achieve determined goals and to build large muscle mass. It is typical for their training to “do” just one or two muscle group in one day, and to wait for 5-7 days to train that muscle group again.

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid During Training

More and more people go to gym to stay in shape, to firm muscles and get rid of daily stress. Gyms offer whole spectrum of exercise machines as well as numerous courses and training programs. No matter what is your reason and motivation for exercising, you must avoid common exercise mistakes, to stay healthy and to prevent injuries and other health problems that could happen.

Choose Good Training Outfitworking out

You are not going out, so choose your exercise outfit carefully. This is important to enable free movement during training as well as to avoid possible infection.

Choose shirt and sweatpants that enable free, unrestricted movement. If you can’t move freely, you will hardly perform exercise correctly, and can get injured.


Women should wear special sports bra that will prevent breast tissue injury that can happen, for example, during aerobic activity, such as stepper training. Underwear and sports outfit in general should be made of cotton to allow free sweating and prevent skin irritation.

Shower Slippers

Make sure to bring your own slippers you will wear in a locker room and in shower after the training. Your own slippers will protect you from yeast infection, which can easily happen in moist, warm environment. This doesn’t mean that gym is dirty and that stuff doesn’t care for from hygiene, but in only one person that uses gym has yeast infection or fungi, and you touch with naked skin the same spot that infected individual has touched, it is very likely you will get the infection yourself.

Right Sports Shoes

Proper exercise shoes are even more important than outfit choice. For example your sneakers. There are different types of sneakers, that differ depending on the sport activity you train. If you go to aerobics (step and other aerobic exercises), back part of sneakers most be reinforced compared to front part, to accumulate pressure your spine withstands  as well as possible minor injuries due to continuous jumping motion.

Don’t train in flat sneakers that are more suitable for sports such as tennis. Even when this is not mandatory, it is good to change shoes you wore to get to the gym, and to train in other pair. Your training sneakers should be clean, so you don’t bring microorganisms into the gym.

Always Consult Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructor is an important person. He will collect important info from you and develop proper training regimen for you, because he will evaluate following info:

  • your lifestyle-if you are active or spend better part of day sitting
  • what you want to achieve in the gym: tone muscles, loose weight, increase muscle mass
  • what type of exercises you shouldn’t perform due to health limitations

Fitness instructor will put all these info into your personal sheet and prepare exercise program for you. He will show you all the exercises himself and make sure that you perform them properly. After a month or two you should ask instructor to adapt exercises because you will probably want to increase intensity for certain muscle groups, or decrease number of reps if certain exercises are too difficult for you.

trainingCorrect Breathing

It is very important that you breathe correctly while you exercise. We often try to breathe only through nose and even withhold breath during exercise, thinking that this will help us stand the strain longer. But in that way an entire body, including our muscles, doesn’t get enough of oxygen.

1. Inhale-exhale
Proper breathing during exercise:
2.Inhale while strain is at minimum.
3. Exhale while strain is at maximum.

This will give our muscles enough of oxygen and you will work out with least effort.

Never Skip Warm-up

Never start exercising before you warm-up properly. Your muscle is “cold”, unprepared for exercise and it has to get prepared to work out, by gradually increasing intensity of work. Properly prepared muscle is elastic and will handle work easier. On the contrary, unprepared muscle can get injured, and muscle injuries happen most often in the gym.

Final Note

Previously provided info will prepare you for proper, long-term exercising that will give you the best results. Make sure to follow these proven steps toward joyful exercising.

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