Australian Personal Training Guide: Finding a Personal Trainer

personal training and finding a personal trainerEveryone knows intellectually that exercise is good for them. It is the best way to lose weight, balance moods, tone the body and stave off aging.

A well maintained workout routine can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases.

People admit feeling better when they exercise, and yet so many people just don’t do it. Will power alone is not solving the problem.

The answer might be found in committing to a personal training program. A personal trainer, or PT as they are often known, can keep you on track and showing up for your appointments. You have to get off the couch if someone is waiting for you!

There is a world of difference between a good plumber and a bad plumber. Likewise it is important to find an excellent PT who is a good match for your goals and your personality.

6 Tips for Hiring a Personal Trainer:

1. When looking for a trainer, take time to interview them on the phone or in person. You will be spending some very intimate and sometimes vulnerable moments with them. There are not many people who have the privilege of hearing you pant and grunt from a strong work out. Be sure you have rapport with the person you hire!

2. Ask about their approach and what success they have had with your someone that has the same goals as you.

3. Decide whether you want to work with a man or a woman. Gender is not an issue for many people and male and female trainers are equally skilled. If it is an issue for you, make that part of your criteria.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about pricing and time commitments going forward. Decide how much you can pay. Remember that you get what you pay for so don’t necessarily hire the cheapest one around.

5. Location is an issue for everyone. You will be less likely to enjoy your workouts if you have to travel an hour to get there.

6. And when hiring any professional, ask friends and family members for referrals.

Personal Training Benefits:

1. Accountability. A big benefit is accountability, so you cannot be lazy. If you have trouble getting up off of the couch and tearing yourself away from the television, a PT will help. You have set a pre-paid appointment and you more likely to keep those appointments. You have another person to think of beside yourself. This is a great motivator.

2. Exercise Specific to your Body. A personal trainer knows what your specific body shape needs the most. Everyone has a different body with unique needs. Someone with an apple shaped body needs different exercises that someone with a pear shaped body. If you have injuries, your PT will take that into account and work around your limitations.

3. Workouts Tailored to your Goals. They will help you achieve your goals. Some people want a stronger tennis serve. Others want more lung power for snorkeling and free diving. Other people want weight loss, speed, bodybuilding, or cardiovascular endurance. Each of these programs is quite different.

4. A Routine Specific to your Lifestyle. A personal trainer knows how to help you fit exercise into your lifestyle. Just as everyone has a different body, everyone has a different lifestyle pattern. Single mothers have different requirements than those who are retired. Someone who travels a lot for the job needs special instructions on how to fit exercise into their routine. Your trainer will mold your ideal workout into the rhythms of your life.

5. Nutritional Advice. You can receive nutrition advice to keep muscles firm and fat off. Many people are ignorant about healthy eating. PTs know what healthy nutrition is and they can point you toward better eating habits. Healthy eating habits support a lean, trip body.

6. Weight Loss Programs. Your trainer will help with weight loss. Weight loss is a motivation for many people. A good  trainer can emphasize a fat loss program with an increase in baseline metabolism.

7. Introduction to Equipment. A good trainer will teach you how to use exercise devices and machines. There are many new and creative ways to exercise inside and outside of a gym. A personal trainer will give you the training and tools you need to achieve your ideal physique.

Procrastination is the enemy of fitness and success. So don’t delay! Find your personal trainer near you today!