Australian Gyms Guide

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What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is an extremely popular fitness program that is both an exercise philosophy and a competitive fitness sport. The Crossfit culture has gone beyond just the boundaries of the fitness sphere as it has become a cultural phenomenon across the globe

24/7 Gyms

Why 24/7 Gyms?

24 hour gyms are low cost gyms that can fit anyone’s schedule. No need to fit in a class around your work hours. Go to your local 24 hour gyms whenever it suits you.

Personal trainers

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer, or PT as they are often known, can keep you on track and showing up for your appointments. You have to get off the couch if someone is waiting for you!

Group Fitness Classes

Why go to Group Classes?

There is a wide variety of classes available at gyms and fitness facilities.  The great thing about group classes is that you have an instructor taking you and the class through the exercises.  So you get to train and make friends at the same time.


What is Yoga good for?

Yoga is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life every now and then and meditation is an ultimate way of doing that. There are many different styles of yoga, make sure to pick the right one for you.