Overview of the Top Australian 24 Hour Gyms

Being fit and healthy is all the rage right now. From teenagers to pensioners, people are realizing the benefits of keeping their bodies fit, strong and attractive. As a result gyms and fitness centers are now on every street.

The trend is in low cost, 24 hour gyms that can fit anyone’s schedule. These are in cities throughout the country. Here is an overview of the 24 hour gyms that are in abundance in Australia.

Jetts 24 Hour Gym. There are 195 gyms in Australia. The equipment is well maintained and the staff is friendly and attentive. The facility is clean and well lighted. They may not have the equipment necessary for serious weight lifters though. This is a good, basic gym for most people. They do not offer classes.

Snap Fitness 24 Hour Gym. There are currently 100 locations in Australia so there might be one near you. These are independently owned franchises so memberships are not always transferable if you move. These gyms are compact so they pack a lot into a relatively modest space. The equipment is adequate with plenty of cardiovascular machines. . They offer personal training services at all the locations. Classes vary according to location.

Anytime Fitness. There are a whopping 260 clubs now. They are in every state and territory of Australia. Like most 24 hour gyms, they have basic offerings and equipment, but no classes. Compared with Jetts, Anytime Fitness has more hefty weight lifting equipment. Anytime specializes in weight lifting and resistance training.

Plus Fitness 24/7 Gyms. There are 100 locations in Australia. Plus Fitness provides a range of equipment and is gets good reviews. There is a $99 joining fee. Your membership extends to other Plus Fitness gyms in other states.

The Fitness Hub. This 24 hour gym is located near Adelaide University. It is one of the few Adelaide gyms that offers a drop in pass for workouts and a cheaper pass for a yoga class drop in. It offers the basic gym equipment and classes in a nice facility.

Doherty’s Gym. This 24 hour gym in Melbourne is a cut above many of the low cost franchise gyms. It has four convenient locations, including a new remodeled gym in the CBD. Doherty’s prides itself on a no hassle, no hustle attitude. They allow a $10 casual drop in fee for non-members. The CBD location includes an EZ Bar for sports and energy drinks and well as a retail Pro Shop. And the one on Flinders Street even has boxing!

Vivacity Health and Fitness. If you love the finer things in life, Vivacity Health and Fitness in Brisbane may be for you. So many gyms in Brisbane are of the 24 hour franchise variety. This one is a cut above. It is a five star, resort style facility in the exclusive Kangaroo Point. It has tennis courts, classes, personal training and social events.

Ifeelgood 24/7 Health Club. Another 24 hour fitness gym located in three convenient locations in Brisbane: Indoorpooly, Oxley and Runcorn. Ifeelgood offers a gym, cardiovascular equipment, personal training, but no classes. Prices are per week with no contract.

Fitcity 24 Hour Fitness Centre. This very basic and affordable gym in Wooloongabba has cardio and strength training and weight lifting.

Stepz Fitness. Instead of weekly memberships, Steps offers them for a fortnight. This is another 24 hour gym franchise. There are multiple locations around QLD and Sydney. Stepz has no contract and there are always promotions like their 7-day free pass to try before you buy.

Time and money are no obstacle with 24 hour gyms! Get yourself on a fitness track today.

Are 24 hour gyms best for you? Are you someone who needs guidance? If so, you might want to check out our Australian personal trainers guide.