Anytime Fitness Gym Review, Costs, Locations & Information

Since the year 2008, Anytime Fitness Gym has been providing excellent services in Australia. Anytime Fitness has successfully expanded in Australia as well as overseas. It now has more than two hundred and sixty outlets spread across Australia. It is the largest twenty-four hour gym chain in the country.

Anytime Fitness Locations:

They have more than two hundred and sixty gym outlets in Australia as of 2013. Currently, there is a gym outlet in every state in Australia.

Equipment and other facilities: this round-the-clock gym offers high quality equipment and facilities. The main emphasis is to provide members with a 24 hour, quality equipment. Those more serious about weight lifting often choose this franchise gym over others.

What is on offer? This fitness group offers personal training services to members at an additional cost. It is also ready to offer help and advice to its members. It does not offer classes.

Opening Times: this is a gym that remains open all through the day and night. Staff works between ten in the morning and six to seven in the evenings from Monday to Friday.

Membership Cost and Prices:

To become a member, you have to pay a membership fee. The Anytime Fitness cost varies from one club to another.

Typically, to become a member you will have to pay between sixty and seventy dollars per month for a one year contract. Again, membership costs vary from club to club because it is a franchise. Every club has a different owner who may have slightly different rules and payment schemes.

Additional fees and costs: You will be charged a couple of compulsory extra expenses with one being a fifty-nine dollar charge for your access key and you also have to pay 49.95 dollars as joining fee.

How to cancel membership: If you wish to cancel your membership then you have to prove that you have suffered an injury which is of a serious nature. Since you have to pay your membership fees in advance there is no other way that you can cancel your membership and get a refund. You can ask to cancel your membership only if your injury prevents you from exercising and using the club.

Where can you use your membership? Since Anytime Fitness is a club that has connections worldwide it is possible to use your membership at other clubs in different parts of the world. In other words, you can practice at any of their clubs in any part of the world. This is good for those who travel around Australia for business.

Is there an age limit? Membership is open to anyone who is at least eighteen years of age. If you are younger than that then you cannot use the club.

Are you safe? The good news is that the premises everywhere are covered by round-the-clock video and audio surveillance. So, you are safe at all times.

Can you try the facilities for free and are there any special offers? It is up to the franchisees of the club to decide whether to allow you to try the facilities for free. Some franchisees do come up with special offers from time to time. Call your local club to find out about free passes and discounts.

Getting started: if you wish to register then you can do so by visiting the club’s website on-line or calling your local gym.

Finally, be sure to read through the membership contract thoroughly before signing up.