5 Benefits of Regular Massage

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Image Source: http://www.bodylinehealth.com.au/2014/10/20/how-to-keep-your-muscles-happy/
Image Source: http://www.bodylinehealth.com.au/2014/10/20/how-to-keep-your-muscles-happy/

So you’ve been working out hard? Perhaps you’re just back into exercise after a bit of a lay-off and you’ve suddenly found muscles that you didn’t know even existed!!!

Perhaps it’s time for a massage, and today we’ve asked the team at Bodyline Health International to give us the low-down on the benefits of regular massage.

Alleviates pain
Back pain is a common occurrence, especially for those who work in the office. Sitting long hours at the computer is bound to bring about pain to anyone. But with regular massage, the pain will be alleviated. Those who frequently experience migraines would highly benefit from massages as regular massage would lessen headaches and migraine pain. Massages will help stretch and exercise your weak and tight muscles. For athletes, massages are necessary as this will help them recover from and even prepare for any strenuous workout. As massages increase and improve circulation, you will notice that any chronic pain you feel will dissipate.

Promotes healthy circulation
With regular massage, circulation is bound to improve. As massages help stimulate the soft tissues and improve the removal of waste in the tissue, you will notice an improvement with your circulation. That way you will notice an improvement in your sleeping habits. Regular bouts of headaches will also lessen. Moreover you will also see a difference with the way your skin looks like. It will start to look less dry and become supple.

Enhances immune system
With regular stimulation of your largest organ, proper lymph flow will be stimulated. This will enhance your immunity as the lymph flow is the body’s natural defense system against illnesses. Being able to boost up your white blood count, massages are especially help for those who have problems with their immune function and those who are suffering from cancer.

Helps manage stress
The human touch helps calm a person down. This is why massages can release endorphins in your body. By releasing endorphins into your body, you will definitely feel less stressed after a massage. You will notice a decrease in your anxiety level as your cortisol levels will dramatically decrease. The levels of neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, that help reduce chances of depression will also go up. Moreover you will notice that you will be able to sleep better and concentrate better. As digestive issues are also stress related, you will notice that there will be a significant change with your digestive movement after having a massage.

Aids with weight loss and weight maintenance
Getting a massage is like going for a complete full workout. As it helps to reduce blood pressure, boosts your immune system and increases your lymphatic flow, a massage will bring your body back to its optimum level. Once your body reaches its optimum level, you will be able to effectively shed excess weight or at least maintain your current weight. Make sure to get abdominal massages as well as this improves the functions of your digestive system as well reduce your stress levels.

There you have it, regular massage makes sense! Go get one today!

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